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If you need Internet software to get started, we have a setup package you can download, or we can mail it to you on CD-ROM or floppy disks. We distribute Microsoft's Internet Explorer for Windows 95 and Windows 3.1. These packages are pre-configured for our system.

Once you're up and running on the net, you may want additional software, such as a different email program, newsreader, an FTP client, etc. We have some choices available for downloading from our site, and links to places where you can find more.

Our Setup Package

If you are using WinWeb (the browser we used to distribute) you must select download directly to file from the File menu before starting the download.

Windows 95

Download Now! (10395792 bytes)

Our package for Windows 95 consists of Microsoft Internet Explorer version 3.01 with all the security patches, Internet Mail and News, NetMeeting, and ActiveMovie. Alternate NewsReader and Mail programs are available below.

To install the software, double-click the file you have downloaded (msie30.exe) in Windows Explorer or from the desktop. For instructions on setting up the Windows 95 Internet Explorer package, click here.

Microsoft has additional software available at their download site.

Windows 3.1

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Our package for Windows 3.1 consists of Microsoft Internet Explorer version 3.0 and includes a dialer as well as mail and news clients.

To install the software, run File Manager, and first double-click the new file you have downloaded (iew31.exe), and then double-click Setup.exe to run the installation.


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Internet Explorer 3.0 for Macintosh has just been released by Microsoft. This package is not customized for our system at this time, and has not been tested with Exit109 at all yet. If you want to try it out, we would appreciate any feedback.

Other Internet Software

The following extra software is available for downloading directly from our system. This software is not preconfigured in any way, and is not supported by Exit109.

Get NetMeeting Windows 95/NT Only (2630328 bytes)

Get Free Agent Windows 95 (1027749 bytes)   Windows 3.1 (1096943 bytes)

Download WS_FTP Windows 95, 3.1, or NT (875602 bytes)

Pegasus Mail  Windows 95 (1466606 bytes)   Windows 3.1 (1424948 bytes)

Software Links

If you are using some other platform (such as Macintosh, Windows NT, Unix, or OS/2) you can download a good browser from either the Microsoft or Netscape web sites.

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