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Pollution Abatement Reduction Councils
Sample Letter

(Note - this is a copy of the cover letter I sent to (the entire NJ and Florida Congressional Delegations, a number of environmental groups, other political contacts I had made through the years, ....) along with a printout of the PARC proposal and the PARC FAQ)
Congressman Frank A. LoBiondo
United States House of Representatives
Washington DC. 20515

April 30, 1997

Congressman LoBiondo,

Enclosed is a proposal for self financing Pollution Abatement and Reduction Councils (PARC) to make loans available to polluters to clean up their acts. It is NOT coercive in nature and creates thousands of jobs each year just in pollution control.

A little background on myself - I am a born-raised-retired Commercial Fisherman from Point Pleasant Beach, NJ. I was quite active politically in behalf of Commercial Fishermen and pollution causes on both the State and Federal levels for nearly 25 years up until my retirement in 1985. I had served on the Board of Directors of NJ Farm Bureau and was an original member of the National Aquaculture Committee of the American Farm Bureau Federation, among a number of other leadership positions.

My past experience with often intransigent government and systemic pollution is what led me to conceive of the PARC proposal. I believe It could easily turn out to be as revolutionary as Social Security or have the impact of the Federal Highway program.

Just for a local perspective,had PARC been available and CIBA-GEiGY (who was at one time the largest employer in Ocean County - a suburban/agricultural county of less than 250,000 population at the time) availed itself of it, 3200 well paying jobs could have been kept in Ocean County, as well as generating maybe as much as another 1000, instead of losing them all overseas to a less regulated economy. Even more, we wouldn't have had the cleanup or the environmental threats we now have in Toms River.

I hope you'll take the time to read it (about 5 minutes) and become encouraged enough to sponsor/support legislation to bring PARC to life.

Thank you for your attention,

Gösta H. Lovgren

The second paragraph (A little background ....) is to inform him that this is just not another "form" letter espousing a cause. You should include something of a personal nature (not too much) just to let him know that.

Further it says to him I have had some political experience and with some very reputable organizations. He gets dozens of letters from "Save the Titgrass in Littlefield Wyoming" organizations espousing causes every week. I don't want my letter to be lumped together with them.

The second paragraph (Just for a local perspective....) is good if you can include plant closings or other job losses in your area that could maybe have been avoided had a PARC type program been in place. If there is an issue Congressmen are concerned with more than anything else it's jobs in their district. Congressmen from other than New Jersey won't be interested in Ocean County but it does give them something to relate to in their own districts.

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