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Jenn's tasteful use of white space belies the raging bohemian within, which is news I think even she'd be surprised at. She says more with less, unless she wants to say more, in which case she's wont to back it up with a two-by-four. But demurely.
Ah, Tami. Tami, Tami, Tami. The Tamster. Tama-lama-ding-dong. The Tamanator. Tamma-tamma-fo-fa-- oh, sorry. Tami wants you to join her church. Many have, and they've found that as Personal Saviors go, you could do worse than having one that knows how to apply lip gloss.
There's something very Adirondack about Mark Wintle's website. An omnibus of content and imagery, updated when'eer the mood strikes.
George Plumley, proprietor of Stuffed Moose Audio, wants to sell you funny tapes. You really should let him.

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