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Cleanfeed is a spam filter for Usenet news servers. It stops spam at the front door, before it is written to your disks or fed back out to the rest of Usenet. This program supports INN, Cyclone, Typhoon, and Breeze from Highwind Software, and NNTPRelay servers. Cleanfeed is highly configurable, easily modified, and very fast. You can tell it to block binary posts in non-binary newsgroups, cancels for already-rejected articles, and other annoyances, and it serves as a decent safety net against local users spamming.



BOFH NNRPD Filter Patch (release 2)

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This patch against INN 1.7+insync's nnrpd adds several options to the Perl interface. Your Perl code can silently drop posts while returning success to the client; or, you can have suspicious articles spooled for later manual inspection. Message bodies and authinfo information are made available to the filter. Unlike the standard nnrpd, posts to moderated newsgroups will pass through the filter. This patch is by Andrew Gierth.

BOFH NNRPD Patch for INN 2.0

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The BOFH patch, ported to INN 2.0 by John Payne. This patch is against the June 29 INN snapshot.

INN 1.7 X-Trace Patch

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This patch against INN 1.7.2+insync1.1d's nnrpd adds X-Trace and NNTP-Posting-Date headers to user posts (these are standard with INN 2.x), enabling you to better trace the user responsible for a particular post, should the need arise. From Paul Martin.



Spam Hippo


Spam Hippo is a spam filtering program from Newsguy (formerly Zippo). This is an effective filter, though less aggressive than Cleanfeed, and usually slower. Hippo is available for INN as well as the Highwind servers. Check out the Spam Hippo Top 100 to see who the bad guys are.


Narf: Usenet spam filtering for CNews


Narf is a spam-filtering interface for CNews. It was designed to allow use of Cleanfeed on CNews, but can be used with other Perl filters as well.


The Panix News Gizmo


The News Gizmo from Panix is an ambitious modification to INN's nnrpd, for stopping abuse from your own users. It also includes more advanced user authentication features than are provided by the stock nnrpd.


Fluffy's BOURSY


BOURSY (Batch Oriented Usenet Retroactive Spam Yanker) lets you run Cleanfeed on an INN channel feed (even with older versions of INN than Cleanfeed supports), or on the Netscape Collabra server. It's available from Fluffy's News Goodies page. This is the descendant of Fluffy's old Narf Hack.




Control message attacks got you (or your server) down? Fluffy's Controlchan moves INN control message processing to a channel feed, so control messages get processed one at a time, without forking lots of extra processes. Requires a small modification to innd. This was incorporated into the newest INN releases. For older versions, download it from Fluffy's News Goodies page.




Joe Greco has released Diab-Filter, a patch to add a filter interface to Diablo. The patch is available from Joe's Diablo Patch Shop. You can use Cleanfeed with Diab-Filter by configuring it as though it were running on a Highwind server. The patch also allows you to run the filter on a different server from Diablo, communicating over the network. This has been incorporated into newer Diablo releases, so you should probably upgrade rather than using this patch.


John Milburn's Cyclone filters


Here you can find two different filtering options for Cyclone, including a very good EMP-style filter.


Jeff Garzik's spam filter


Jeff's is the original EMP filter. Once upon a time Cleanfeed was based on an earlier version of this filter. It's somewhat outdated, but it's simple and still better than nothing. There is an INN version and a Cyclone version.

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