Still no hydraulic press from Harbor Freight to press in the control arm bushings and Ralph's on vacation so the limited slip install is pushed back another week. How about I do a Tony Grasso inspired recoating of the wheel wells? To satisfy my need to be different, I'm using the Westley's product rather than 3M's (actually, that's just what the PepBoys had in stock). One can was almost exactly enough.

This is a rear wheel well after some minor cleanup. Emphasis on minor. As long as it doesn't all fall off, I'll be happy.

I spent far too much time taping out the first well. This stuff isn't paint. Overspray doesn't go everywhere. By the last wheel well, I was just taping and papering the fender lip and moving additional paper around by hand to keep the suspension components neat.

First well coated.


It was about 50F in the garage this morning so I ran the propane heater. Nothing smarter than an open flame in the garage. This $99 Home Depot special works pretty well though.


And here you have it. Some parts were still wetter than others when I took the picture so the coloring is a little uneven. This stuff takes forever to dry in the cold.

Still hoping to get that press soon so I can cause some real damage. I may even see the transaxle next week.

Stay tuned for our next installment of Don't Break It.

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