Game Cabin 2002
Seneca State Forest, WVa

Guys Time Out...

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A Gloomy start to the trip
Heavy rains flood the Greenbrier River
View of flood looking downstream (compare to drier times)
Upstream (usual scene)
Traditional first dinner being smoked
They built new stairs to the Loft!
And redid the loft while they were at it!
Dan sucks it in...
Rich making sure that chair does not float away...
Mmmmm! Pork and Beans!
Nerf squeezes in for a photo op.
Dan practices scaring children for Halloween
Let the tunes begin!
Jose-B, Rust and Parker
Penis Nose / Scrotum Head serenades the crowd...
Nerf gives Parker a "blow-job"
Nerf serenades Parker to no avail.
Rust is both bigger and brighter than Rich
Jose-B on Log Duty
Rust, Jose-B and Rich (OK, Parker is sort of there too)
Electronic Music not allowed.
Dan & Parker
Jose-B is bigger and brighter than Rich
Parker and Dan
All the guys from GC-2002 say "Hey!!!"
Rust hides behind Rich, is worried that we'd set wet rocks on fire.
Now uses Dan as a shield.
Nerf initiates war with upstart Cabin 8.
Dan, Parker and more Tunage
Four Wheeling on the Loop Road; Autumn on the Mountain
Another Fall view
Ahhh, memories...

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