1st eGullet Dinner at China 46

Apr 7, 2002
Bergen, NJ
Nineteen or twenty eGulleteers enjoyed the food and each other's company at China 46 on April 7, 2002. Twelve courses, including an assortment of five cold appetizers, ensured that no one got up from the table (four hours after we sat down) hungry. The consensus seemed to be that the best dish was the pepper and salt shrimp in shell -- lightly fried, cooked to perfection -- edible, shell and all. Rail Paul said after that dish that he's waiting for the 40 virgins to lead him into paradise.

Egulleteers in the dining room at China 46


1) An assortment of Five Cold Appetizers, including Spicy Capsicum Cellophane Noodles.
2) Two kinds of hot dumplings: Soup Dumplings (or as they call them, Steamed Little Juicy Pork Buns) and Pan Fried Shanghai Buns (which have the texture of steamed buns, but are fried on the bottom, I haven't had these anywere else).
3) Soup: Shanghai Casserole
4) Steam Dungeness Crab over Chow-Fun Noodle w. Minced Garlic
5) Superior Ruby Pork- A giant pork shoulder with mixed herbs simmered for hours.
6) Fish Maw & Mixed Seafood Simmered in White Sauce
7) Steamed Whole Fish
8) Pepper & Salt Shrimp in Shell
9) House Special Sauté, Accompanied w. Baked Sesame Bun - Sauté chopped firmed tofu, ground pork and chives, that you stuff into the crispy pockets
10) Shanghai Treasure - A unique vegetarian dish- Edamame, tofu sheets cut as noodles, seaweed
11) Stir-fried Rice Cake
12) Dessert: Sweet Rice Balls, coated with Black Sesame and Peanut, stuffed with Red Bean Paste. And, of course, sliced oranges.

The kitchen staff got a standing ovation!

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