Doug's Evil Cookies
Doug Barnhart
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  • 1 recipe Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough for about 48 cookies
    ("Toll House" and "Peanut butter /chocolate chip" are also very good.)

  • 3 tbs smoked habanero powder heaping)
    Applewood-smoked Red Savina or smoked chocolate habanero recommended)

  • 20 drops Pure Cap, or for the adventurous, try making some of Andy's Habanero Extract
    (These are solutions of capsaicin in a vegetable oil base - very, very hot. Use extreme caution - Soapy cleanup required - not soluble in water.)


    Mix dry ingredients in a large bowl. Thoroughly mix smoked habanero powder in with the dry ingredients. Melt the shortening (butter preferred) and then thoroughly blend in the PurCap. (Handle the PurCap very carefully, then immediately clean up & wash hands.)

    Let the shorting re-solidify, but only to the very soft point. Mix the wet and dry together.

    Drop by tablespoonfuls (large) on a sheet of parchment paper or on a greased cookie sheet. Bake at 350F for however long your chocolate chip recipe calls for. Let cool on a wire rack.


    1) When baking, use plenty of ventilation -- any normal members of your family would probably not appreciate gagging and eyes tearing.

    2) When done, best to secure the baking pan used away from the normal kitchen area. (Doug thought he had sufficiently cleaned the cookie pan, but hadn't. Sandy, intending to make normal cookies for the rest of the family obtained cookies that - well - weren't normal. Doug caught hell from Sandy and all three boys.)

    3) Use a warning with these cookies. These have a delayed heat, 5 to 10 seconds. A fast cookie muncher could get into extreme trouble before realizing it.

    4) Have the "antidote" ready: milk and/or ice cream (water/beer wouldn't work.) (Those who have lactose intolarence are extremely at risk.)

    Additional Preparation Suggestions:

    For the *extremists* amongst us, two more suggestions are offered:

    1) Add a dollop of rich vanilla ice cream on top of a Evil Cookie, then darken the top of the ice cream with some more hab powder. Sort of like taking the poison and the antidote at the same time. (Seen on "Eat the Heat")

    2) OK, I know that there are a few really extreme out there -- you know who you are. When baking, after the dough flattens, but before it is done baking, generously sprinkle some Blair's Death Rain on top of selected cookies. (Do remember which.)

    WARNING! remove from oven during sprinkling, lest the oven's convection currents put the powder in your face and eyes.

    NOTE that the powder will tend to form clumps on top, producing interesting hot spots -- even for the experienced ChileHead.

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