Game Cabin XXXI

Seneca State Forest

West Virginia

Oct 2011

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View from Lookout on Cabin Road
Dan plays tunes and chats with Flash
Linda, Eileen, Marilyn & Russ
Standing around...
Flash gets pranky
=Mark suspects Turkey has a fever
Dan russes up some heat
Marilyn with stash of marshmallows
Dinner be ready!
Rust wailing steel
Pope Parker arrives in time for dinner
Dinner table being set
Linda's got gravy!
Flash & Larry
Ha Ha!
Dinner is served
Mmmmm... Pie!
Tunage ensues!
Heat Hog!
Crowds prepare for fireworks show
Flash takes inventory
Seneca State Arsenal
Larry & Flash revel in their stash
Smoke clears revealing Emcee whose
pants were blown off by detonation
Wood fired stove
Cold running water (Back from pump)
I swear this place is darker than I remember it...

Pics by Linda

Cabin 6
Eileen, =Mark, Marilyn, Rust & Dan

Pic by Lynn

Marilyn with iced tea & smartphone ~ =Mark with hot sauce & camera

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Scenic Overlook on Road down to cabin

Kitchen in Cabin 7

Southeast View of Cabin 7

Southwest View of Cabin 7


View from front porch of Cabin 7

Eileen Waves as clouds blow by

Parker sings a Love Song

On the train ride home; Crossing Rockville Stone Arch Bridge At Harrisburg, Pa.

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