1st eGullet NYC Potluck

May 2, 2002
Downtown Manhattan
A cool spring breeze blows over the appetizers to start the Potluck
From Left: My Bro Rich ,Rachel, SobaAddict, ahr (Alan), =Mark, Stefany, Sandra, & our wonderful host Maria. Turn your monitor around and you'll see Cabrales taking the picture...
Here Jason checks out Soba Addict working out in the Kitchen, which is a major part of the main living space...
StefanyB and Sandra pose around a huge hunk 'O wild mushroom that B Edulus hacked apart and insisted we take home and eat. Tasted great and nobody died!
A nice tasting of Stinky Blue Cheeses!
Moi, with a batch of my infamous Piquant Salmon Rolls
Bro Rich with Shrimp Tarragon Pasta Salad
As StefanyB and Rich help clean up, Maria proceeds to butcher the wild mushroom she had harvested earlier. Large portions were wrapped up for each of the eGulleteers to take home.
Dark chocolates courtesy Cabrales. Included in the chocolate tasting (the pieces were expertly cut for sharing by ahr/Alan):

(1) Payard
-- Palet d'Or: Dark chocolate ganache infused with crushed coffee beans and rum covered in dark chocolate and finished with 18K gold leafing [in speckles]
-- Picasso: Dark chocolate ganache infused with earl grey tea, wrapped in dark chocolate

(2) Martine's
-- Piano: Soft butterscotch caramel
-- Oval (shaped like a sea shell): Double chocolate truffle

(3) Pierre Herme-Wegman's (order of tasting may have differed slightly from sequence below)
-- Deep Indulgence: Dark chocolate ganache, dark chocolate coated
-- Regina: Rasberry and dark chocolate ganache, dark chocolate coated
-- Perlia: Chocolate caramel ganache, dark chocolate coated
-- Finesse: Hazelnut gianduja with toasted, salted peanuts, dark chocolate covered
-- Rovival: Praline with toasted almonds, dark chocolate coated
-- Esmeralda: Pistachio flavored almond paste, dark chocolate coated

(4) La Maison du Chocolat
-- Yoko: Tea infusion flavored ganache
-- Bacchus: Ganache with raisins flambeed in rum
-- Zagora: Fresh mint infusion flavored ganache
-- Garrigue: Fennel infusion flavored ganache
-- Andalousie: Lemon infused ganache

(5) Valrona Chocolate Bars, courtesy of Sandra Levine
-- 71% Bar
-- 56% Bar
-- Unspecified lower percentage

Rich rides off into the sunrise the following morning riding shotgun on a case of Zinfandel and a hunk of wild mushroom...

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