Parker Dam Cabin Trip


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Cabin P-8
Another view of Cabin
No stinkin' dixie cups here!
Gonna be cookin' soon!
(Unlike West Virginia Parks, all pots, pans, plates, utensils, glasses and other kitchen stuff had to be hauled in by us)
Rattlin those pots & Pans
Electronic free zone
We be smokin' now!
Dan, Rust, Eileen and Linda
Dan and Nerf strumming
Parker and Nerf warm upSTRONG>
Was it really this dim?
Greg takes a whack at the wood
Eileen and Parker perform under Parker's Windchime
Nerf at Lectern
Friendly Fungi
Nerf said he wanted more people pics...
Crossing Laurel Run
Parker Dam Lake
Viewing the Vista Trail. Parker Dam Lake in Distance
Hiking the pine forest
Rich playing Paul Bunyon
Eileen and Rust
Dan & Parker
Shrine to Odin
Flaming Tower
Whats left after 2 hours
Flash, Jose and Lynn
Nerf, Parker and Dan

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