May 24, 1998

DC Mini Q-Fest Held at Terry and Jane Light's

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Loaded and ready to go, had barely enough room for all the gear!
Three of the four smokers we had going simultaneously. Bet the neighbors were wondering what kind of folks throw a BBQ and all the guests bring their own grills...
View of the crowd. Folks were advised to bring their own chairs. Most did. See anyone sitting?
Dan Gill and Glen Hosey - Dan went on to host some fine BBQ Events of his own!
Terry's experiment with an open pit.
Glen Hosey and my stainless R2D2
(EEB - El Expensivo Brinkmann)
Dan Gill and Chuck Hersey
Another crowd scene. Anyone sitting yet?
Terry Light, Glen Birkhimer, Pat Burnet and my idiot brother Rich
Glen Birkhimer and Pat Burnet watch Terry tending to the pork
Portabellas marinating in preparation for grilling.
Two Steps basking in that post "StompRocket" glow...
A view of the ultimate repast!
Another view of the groaning board