International Mini Hotluck!
August 15, 1999

=Mark, from Exit 109, Kristofer Blennow from Sweden and Karen Stober from Warren, NJ

Unfortunately the local area Hot Spots did not serve lunch on Sundays, so we opted for a seafood place on the beach. Fortunately we toted along a vial of Jim Campbells smoked Red Savina Habanero powder and a few of Kristofer's flaming red mini jalapenos.

We then toured around some local touristy spots including the Twin Lights lighthouse in Highlands and some old gun emplacements and a scenic overlook on Ft. Hancock on a large peninsula called Sandy Hook that juts north of the North Jersey Coast towards New York

The trio atop one of the higher points on the East Coast of the US.

A bunch of Habaneros! Several of them are making their way back to Sweden with Kristofer

Here's an image of some of Kristofers impressive but small homegrown Scandinavian jalapenos. A US Quarter is shown to help gauge size. These were some firey mammas! I can only think that pollen from our US "Mild" jalapenos has not made it across the pond yet...
Also, an unidentified pepper that although did not have much heat, still tasted nasty.

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