Stuffed Baked Brie


14 oz. wheel brie cheese (or two 8 oz wedges, smooshed together)
2 oz dry sherry
one large shallot, sliced
2 T. butter
2-4 oz. pkgs garlic&herb semi-soft cheese
1 1/2 cup sliced mushrooms
10"x9" sheet frozen puff pastry, thawed
Fresh ground pepper
1 egg, beaten
1 T. water

In skillet, melt butter over high heat. When the butter begins to brown add the mushrooms and shallots, toss to coat. Add sherry and Saute, stirring occasionally, until they have browned around the edges, 5 minutes or so. Transfer the mushrooms & shallots to a plate.

Lightly flour baking sheet. Place puff pastry on prepared sheet and roll out gently to remove fold lines. Spoon mushrooms in center of pastry. Spread 1 pkg semi-soft cheese on brie. Season with black pepper on the brie after spreading the cheese, and set on top of mushrooms (s-s cheese side down). Spread remaining-semi-soft cheese on second side of brie. (More pepper!)

Bring pasty up around sides and over cheese, wrapping completely and trimming excess pastry. Turn over and place seam side down. Gather pastry scraps and using cookie cutters, cut out shapes of leaves, starts, hearts, etc. and place on top of pastry. Can be repared 1 day ahead. Cover and refrigerate. Bring to room temperature before baking. Combine egg and water and brush over top. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Bake pastry until golden brown, 30-35 minutes. Let stand 10 minutes. Serve warm and garnish with grapes, fresh apple slices and star fruit. Serve with crackers and/or crusty french bread. Serves 8-10.

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