The 9th Annual
Bandana's Blues BBQ

Hosted by

Bandanas Serious Pepper Products

8 August 1999
Sleepy Hollow Athletic Club
Between Reading & Morgantown, Pa.

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The staff, lead by Ted's wife Susan AKA "Ima Pepperhead" greets you as you enter Sleepy Hollow. Nice cool pool in the background full of natural spring water.
Ted Dames, AKA "A. Pepperhead" greets guests and guards the kegs. Bears a suspicious resemblance to the logo above, no?

I mentioned to him that my check for the BBQ had not been recieved yet, to which Ted asked "Did Susan give you a hard time?" I replied, "Well... yeah..." to which Ted said "Good."

The first band to appear that day, Mudboy
A picture of the venue, located on a nicely wooded valley in the hills of central Pennsylvania
The second band, Michael Hills' Blues Mob from the South Bronx
A. Pepperhead with the Stevens mob
The third band of the day, Bobby Radcliff

More info and images can be seen at Bandana's Blues BBQ site at:

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