The 9th Semi-Annual
Concord BBQ/Hotluck

13 June 1999
Hosted by Linda Peters and Jim McGrath

Concord, Massachusetts

Featuring members of the Chileheads and BBQ Mailing Lists

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*If anyone can help me out with some names for folks in these pictures, please Email me...

1. Linda pulling the Pork!
2. Maurauding Viking Fruit Boat
3. Jim's wall full 'O Golden Pigs
4. Three Guys and a Grill, L to R Paul and George Boss, Mark Gelo
5. Ken Farr; Seated on the far side of the bench is Chuck Demas, with Mark Gelo facing him.
6. Bruce Westgate; Babs; Lance Fuher and friend
7. George Boss & Jim McGrath
8. Dave & Wendy Gardner, Chuck Demas seated
9. Maddie Westgate, Bruce Westgate, young Bruce Westgate.
10. A crowd behind the Fruit Boat
11. L to R Kathleen Rogness, Cindy Tokarz, ??, Andrew Rogers
12. The Gunterman Family
13. The back view of Jim & Linda's House
14. Richard Stevens, Jeff Lipsitt, Eileen Westgate, ??, Bruce Westgate, Jim McGrath, Jed LaBonte, Kevin Flannery.
15. Bro Rich and Jeff "The Boston Butt" Lipsitt in front of Jim's Klose smoker
16. Bruce, Jim, Jed, Kevin
17 Rich ?? and Eileen Westgate Discuss South American Politics

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Dinner at East Coast Grill

The previous night!

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