September 12, 1998

5th Annual Pennsylvania Chile Festival
Bowers, Pa

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Rolling into the greater Bowers metropolitan area!
Grilling up honey-habanero basted ribs...
Smoker used to prepare chipotle rubbed brisket
Charles Parkhill, Proprietor of the Philly Chili Co. I met him last summer at the Asbury Park Jazz Festival. It just happened that when I walked up to his booth, Jeff and Tammy Porter from the Chileheads Mailing list were talking to him. I had met them previously at the Aberdeen Chileheads Hotluck.
Jeff and Tammy treat us to cocktails from the wetbar in their trunk. Notice my brother Rich hiding just off the frame on the right. (Cheers!)
A selection of chiles from one of the vendors
One of the more attractive plants available for purchase
The perfect ending! Cold, cheap Yeungling beer in thick pilsner glasses at the Bowers Saloon, circa 1835
Yes, the previous image is false! I did some editing to remove a few distractions. A wire running across the front of the saloon, A car parked in the lower right, a telephone pole in the lower left, and a banner hanging in the lower center. This is the unedited image.
Where is this place?

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