September 11, 1999

6th Annual
Pennsylvania Chile Festival
Bowers, Pa

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Rolling into the greater Bowers metropolitan area!
Grilling up honey-habanero basted ribs...
A crowd enjoys a beautiful day among the vendors
Pickled peppers anyone?
There were a couple different types of chiles available from the vendors...
ChileHead Listmembers in attendance:

Doug Barnhart (soon to be local celebrity), Rich Stevens, Andy Barnhart, Chip Welch, Tammy Porter, Jeff Porter (Nice chile pendant), Karen Stober (Amazing full chile wardrobe), Dave Hendricks and =Mark!

By far the most entertaining part was when Jeff goaded Doug Barnhart into entering in the jalapeno eating contest. He signed up at the last minute and vied with 10 other folks to see how many Biker Billy jalepenos they could eat in 30 seconds (He downed 8). He won the trophy and a weekend at a resort hotel, was interviewed by a local newspaper and was generally a local celebrity. Here you can see that even after winning he was up to indulging in even more chiles!

Of course he had been cheered on by the ChileHeads contingent who promtly began horning in on the glory, and were soon swaggering along not unlike the posse of a celebrity rap singer, bumping old ladies, little kids and autograph seekers out of Dougs way...

Well... maybe it wasn't quite that intense...

The trophy that Doug carried along for the rest of the day, attracting crowds of other chile worshipers
Rich rode his motorcycle 4 hours to attend! You can see trophy toting chile champ in the background headed for a well deserved beer at Bowers Tavern

Images of the previous year's festival can be viewed at:

Bowers Chilefest 2000 can be seen

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