My First Smoked Pig Roast!
Christening my
Weber Smoky Mountain (WSM)

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10:00am - A half pork butt ready for smoking! For control purposes I'm doing this one nekkid'... The roast! Not me...
10:30am - Beginning setup. Umbrella shading thermometer from sun. Purchasing that clamp-on umbrella the day before would later avert tragedy!
2:30pm - They didn't forecast rain... One inch of rain in 40 minutes halfway thru the smoke session! Luckily with the umbrella the temp in the Weber Smokey Mountain drops only from 250 to 239.
5:30pm - This pig be done!
6:00pm - Smoked butt ready to be pulled
6:20pm - The finished product! Was served with baked beans and a pile of Corkey's Slaw.

A rack of Spare Ribs done the following week

Four and a half hours on the Weber Smokey Mountain

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