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Cajun Bangkok

907 King St.
Old Town Alexandria, Va. 22314
(703) 836-0038
Chef Lek


  • Magic Wings - $4.95
    Cajun spicy fried chicken wings

  • Bangkok Fried Squid - $4.95
    Specially selected squid fried in corn flour with garlic sauce.

  • Garlic Ribs - $4.95
    Marinated pork ribs in garlic seasoning.

  • Crying Tiger - $5.95
    Grilled steak with spicy crushed pepper sauce.

  • Steamed "Yum" Seafood - $6.95
    Steamed shrimp, squid, scallops, mussel with onion, scallion, tomato in spicy lemongrass sauce.

  • Meang Kham - $6.50
    Crispy roasted coconut, fresh limes, ginger, red onion, dried shrimps, roasted peanuts, hot peppers and collard green leaves with sweet ginger sauce.

  • Spicy Sausage - $4.95
    Grilled andouille sausage with ginger, red onion, scallion and roasted crushed peanut in spicy lemon dressing.

    > Honey Mustard Coconut Shrimp - $5.95 Shrimp fried in coconut with honey mustard sour sauce


  • Lemon Grass Shrimp - $3.50

  • Bangkok She Crab - $3.50


  • House Mixed Salad - $2.95
    With pecan garlic dressing

  • Mary Anne's Mixed Salad - $2.95
    Mixed lettuce, cucumber, bell peppers, mushroom, tomato, onion with tarragon dressing.


  • Cajun Chicken - $11.95
    Saute fried chicken with tomato and scallion in spicy cajun seasoning.

  • Shrimp Linguine Creole - $12.95
    Saute shrimp, tomato, onion, pepper in spicy creole sauce tossed with linguine pasta.

  • Blackened Steak - $12.95
    Rib eye steak blackened in spicy seasoning with chili sauce.

  • Cajun Bangkok Gumbo - $12.95
    Saute shrimp, chicken, sausage in spicy gumbo okra.

  • Roasted Pecan Catfish - $12.95
    Pan roasted filet of catfish in spiced pecan seasoning topped with butterfly shrimp over lemon cream sauce.

  • Pasta Jambalaya - $12.95
    Spinach fettucini with shrimp, chicken, andouille sausage, onion, tomato, pepper in cajun cream sauce.

  • Spicy Pecan Crusted Chicken - $11.95
    Pan saute chicken breast in spicy roasted pecan served over noodle.

  • Bourbon Shrimp - $13.95
    Saute shrimp with with mushroom, scallion in spicy seasoned dry bourbon sauce.

  • Louisiana Crawfish - $12.95
    Saute crawfish meat with spring onion in spicy cajun seasoning.

  • New Orleans Shrimp Etoufee - $12.95
    Saute shrimp with spring onion in spicy cajun gravy

  • Spicy Beef & Scallop - $13.95
    Stir-fried beef & scallop with fresh basil, onion, pepper in spicy sauce

  • Pepper Corn Chicken Piccata - $12.95
    Saute scallopini of chicken breast in pepper corn lemon butter sauce topped with shrimp.


  • Shrimp Pad-Thai - $9.95
    Stir fry rice-noodle with shrimp, spring onion, bean sprout in spiced sweet crunchy peanut.

  • Red Curry Beef Panang $.
    Cooked slowly in spicy curry coconut cream.

  • Kao mun-Gai - $8.95
    Steamed chicken breast over chicken flavored rice with ginger-bean sauce.

  • Chili Short Ribs - $9.95
    Fried pork short ribs with spicy sweet chili sauce.

  • Green Curry Chicken - $8.95
    Chicken white meat boneless skinless cooked in spicy green curry coconut cream.

  • Spicy Chicken Galanga - $10.95
    Poached chicken breast with mushroom in spicy galanga lemon coconut cream.

  • Spicy Beef-Basil - $9.95
    Stir-fry sliced beef with basil, onion, pepper in spicy sauce seasoning.

  • Spicy Seafood - $13.95
    Stir-fry shrimp, scallop, squid, mussel with basil, onion, pepper in spicy seafood sauce seasoning.

  • Pesto Thai Noodle - $10.95
    Saute shrimp & chicken tossed with rice noodle in spicy Thai pesto sauce.

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