Chilehead Mailing List

The Chile-Heads Mailing list is intended to provide a forum for discussion of matters relating to chile peppers. It is run by a beleaguered Mike Bowers, who occasionally surfaces, but usually lets the discussion take its own path.

Subjects include but are not limited to:

  • Growing peppers
  • Seed and plant sources
  • Exchanges of seeds/plants/pods/etc.
  • Exotic varieties
  • Storing and preserving chiles
  • Recipes using chiles
  • Hot sauces, Salsas and Spices
  • It is a group of friendly, helpful individuals who share one unique trait:

    They just can't get enough of that
    Hot and Spicy food!

    Chilehead List Hotlucks and Festivals I've attended:

    On occasion, Chilehead list members will get together in realtime and place to share the heat. This includes festivals as well as private gatherings referred to as "Hotlucks"

  • Fiery Foods Festival ~ Albuquerque 1998
  • 5th Bowers Chilepepper Festival ~ 1998
  • Mid Atlantic Hotluck ~ 1999
  • 9th Annual Concorde BBQ/Hotluck ~ 1999
  • 1st NJ Hotluck ~ 1999
  • 6th Bowers Chile Pepper Festival ~ 1998
  • 7th Bowers Chile Pepper Festival
  • 2nd Annual Red Lion Hotluck, Red Lion, Pa ~ 2000
  • 3rd NJ Hotluck (Filmed for Food Network special "Eat the Heat")
  • The 2003 Red Lion Chilehead Hotluck

  • How to Subscribe to the
    Chile-Heads Mailing List:

    First, send an e-mail to

    with the word subscribe as the body of the message.

    You will receive a message with a subject like this one:

    Subject: Confirmation for subscribe chile-heads

    It will say something like this:

    Someone (possibly you) has requested that your email address be added to or deleted from the mailing list "".

    It will also contain a line that reads "auth [code] subscribe [your email address]" (No Brackets).
    You are then instructed to send a reply to with that "auth [code] subscribe [your email address]" line as the body of the message.

    Send that reply, but DO NOT send it to majordomo, it will bounce.

    Instead, send it to the same address you used before:

    After that, you will get a welcome message (save all of these for later reference) welcoming you to the list and giving you some useful reference information.

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