Thank God Iím a ChileHead!

Written by: Jeff "The Pepper Man" Schickowski and posted to the Chile-heads Mailing List

Sung to the tune of John Denver's "Thank God Iím a Country Boy"

As a recent subscriber I thought that it was about time to contribute something. Here's a song I wrote (the lyrics at least) and I hope you all enjoy it!

Oh, Iím a ChileHead and I say it with pride,
Itís a special kind of feeling starting way down inside,
Your taste for the spicyís not something to hide
Thank God Iím a ChileHead.
Now, Some wimpy folk, just canít take the heat,
A little cayenne pepper will knock them off their feet,
When they serve their Hottest! sauce, I say Isnít that sweet?
Thank God Iím a ChileHead

Well Iíve had me a Hab, Itís a hell of a chile,
And Iíve eaten some sauces with names that are silly,
That Insanity stuff is really a dilly
Thank God Iím a ChileHead.

While some chile peppers are packed full of heat,
Ainít much an old ChileHead like me canít eat,
A red sovina hab is really a treat
Thank God Iím a ChileHead
Iím growing hot peppers, Iíve got my own farm
Not the green Bell peppers Ďcause theyíre lacking in charm,
But the hottest little peppers thatíll never do harm
Thank God Iím a ChileHead


My eyes never tear, Iím not much of a crier,
My tongueís about as tough as an old snow tire,
I donít even care if my backsideís on fire!
Thank God Iím a ChileHead.
Iíd eat chile peppers all day if I could,
But my wife and my plumber wouldnít take it very good,
I never use a toilet seat thatís made out of wood
Thank God Iím a ChileHead.


I wouldnít trade my peppers for treasures or jewels
I leave the mild sauces for the children and fools,
My own Special Sauce takes the rust off of tools,
Thank God Iím a ChileHead
So I taught my son young to relish the heat,
And introduced him to this wonderful treat,
Told him about the taste that just canít be beat
And now heís a ChileHead!!!


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