The Chile-Heads Mailing List

To subscribe to the Chile-Heads list, send a message with this line in the body:

subscribe Chile-Heads


If you would rather get one mailing per day with all the messages, you should subscribe to the Chile-Heads-Digest. Instead of the line above, send:

Note you can optionally put another address after the list name if you need to; normally the sofware will use your return address .

Subscribing is a two step process. You will get an acknowledgement back with an authorization code. You should cut out all the rest of the return message and send the following command in the body of a mail message:


to chile-heads-request @

(for list, remove spaces)

or chile-heads-digest-request @

(for digest, remove spaces)

Note: If present in your email, the 'Reply To:' will be used (instead of the 'From:' ), so be sure that your Reply To: is either missing or its entry is correct.

When you get the authorization back, DON'T send it to 'majordomo' as instructed;

instead send it to the same address you used to send the origional request.

After the authorization code is received, you will get a welcome message that you have been added to the list.

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