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Cousins' Cafe
Formerly Known as
Bella Villa


Classic International Cuisine

123 Bay Avenue,
Highlands, NJ
(908) 291-7667

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  • Crab & Wild Mushroom Berblanc -- $8.95

    lump crab meat w/ melted butter, marinated and grilled wild mushrooms in a colorfully light cream.

  • Fiji Spring Rolls -- $7.95

    a delicate Asian pastry filled with scallops, shrimp, and fresh vegetables, fried in peanut oil and served with a sesame soy and duck sauce.

  • Pate a'La Maison -- $7.95

    a liver pate terrine seasoned with Grand Marnier and wild currants served with cornichons and Melba toast.

  • Southwestern Duck Salad -- $7.25

    confit duck served on mescalun greens with a roasted poblano chile dressing.

  • Vivaldi's Crustini -- $5.25

    toasted brushetta served with four elegantly flavored tapenades.

  • Ceasar Salad -- $4.95

    it's delightful and delicious.


  • Thai Chicken & Coconut Soup -- $2.95

    an exotic, spicy sweet consomme with chicken, lemongrass, and scallions.

  • Genovese Mussel Stew -- $2.95

    a hearty creme soup with mussels, shallots, and sausage.


  • Penne Primavera -- $10.95

    penne served with grilled garden vegetables, pine nuts and pesto.

  • Ariano Ravioli -- $10.95

    ricotta filled ravioli sauteed with roasted pine nuts, sweet butter and fresh sage garnished with imported proscuitto.

  • Risotto of the Day -- $Market

    Sweet Italian Arborio rice seasoned with market fresh ingredients.

  • Wild Mushroom Lasagna $14.95

    a spinach and wild mushroom lasagna topped with a creamy bechamel sauce.



  • Filet Mignon -- $16.95

    grilled beef tenderloin served with duchesse potatoes and creamed spinach. Served with choice of one: bordelais, bernais or au poivre sauce.

  • Thai Curry Chicken -- $14.95

    chicken sauteed in a spicy hot curry sauce with lemon grass, coconut, tomatoes and peanuts served with chinese rice noodles and red cabbage.

  • Carribean Style Jerk Chicken -- $15.95

    a marinated and grilled jerk chicken with traditional habenero peppers and Jamaican herbs served with coconut rice and beans and plantano chips.

  • Rock Cornish Game Hen au Duxelle -- $16.25

    a crispy baked cornish game hen with onions, mushrooms, bacon and artichoke hearts served with butternut squash and baked corn custard.

  • Country Cassoulet -- $25.00 (pour toi)

    the classic French countryside dish with Great Northern beans, lamb, duck, and pork topped with bread crumbs.

    Le Mer

  • Scallops Albita -- $14.95

    pan seared scallops coated in cornmeal with garlic and cilantro served over a mango lime chutney with polenta.

  • Camarones Espania -- $15.95

    sauteed shrimp with roasted garlic, capers, scallions and plum tomatoes served over brushetta points with jasmine rice.

  • Bali Shrimp with Fried Basil -- $15.95

    shrimp sauteed with roasted peppers, tomatoes, onions, ginger, lemongrass and red curry paste served with coconut rice.

  • Pommes Scallop Mornay -- $14.95

    scallops baked au gratin with a light Mornay sauce with gruyere cheese served over a crisp potato cake.

    Kid's Menu

  • Spaghetti and Meatballs -- $6.95
  • Chicken Parmigania -- $7.95

    Please ask for daily specials as our chef can be very whimsical.

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