Danny Gauldens BBQ Glaze

Danny Gaulden is the owner of Danny's Place, a destination for barbecue lovers at 902 South Canal, Carlsbad, NM 88220, phone 505-885-8739.

Danny became known while hanging out on several BBQ mailing lists, and his simple sauce recipe is legendary on the internet. The idea, he says, was to create a simple glaze that adds a sheen and brings a little flavor to the party, but not so much as to cover the other flavors.

While most sauces envelop the slab and hide your meat and rub, Danny Gaulden's Glaze really lets your rub shine through. It frames it beautifully. If you have a signature rub, lay it on thick, because this is the only sauce to use. Just follow Danny's instructions, below, precisely.

By the way, it is also great on smoked sausage.

Yield. 1 quart, enough for about 20 slabs of baby backs and 12 slabs of St. Louis cuts
Preparation time. 5 minutes

3 cups brown sugar
3/4 cup prepared yellow ballpark mustard
3/4 cup cider vinegar

Option. 1 teaspoon salt. I just think it makes a great sauce even better.
Option. 1 1/2 teaspoon hot pepper sauce. Ditto.
Option. 3 tablespoons of your favorite rub adds a layer of complexity.
Option. 3 tablespoons of butter will add richness and depth.
Option. Jack Waiboer of Charleston, a champion competition cook and teacher of cue, says that substituting Southern Comfort for half the vinegar is a really nice thing.

Do this
1) Whisk all the ingredients together thoroughly in a cold saucepan. Heat gently over medium heat, stirring frequently until the sugar and mustard are dissolved completely, about 4 minutes. If it starts to boil, turn it down immediately. Try it first without the hot pepper sauce and butter options.

2) Here's how to use it, in Danny's own words: "The instant the ribs are pulled from the pit, coat them with a generous brushing of warm glaze. If you pull the ribs, chase the dog, talk to your buddy for a couple of minutes, then try and apply the glaze, you've waited too long." You can also serve it as a dipping sauce, warm, at tableside.

- by Craig "Meathead" Goldwyn
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