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Chile-Heads Welcome!

Here we go again!
On May 19, 1996 the DC Area Chile-Heads
gathered in Annapolis Maryland for the
Nth Multi-Annual DC Hotluck!

Nathans wrap-up of the event:

The 6th DC area Hotluck is now in the history books. A grand time was had by all. About 55-65 people attended (if you include the staff of a neighboring restaurant). The weather was appropriately hot! We set a new temperature record in Annapolis. Outside the mercury hit 93, but the cool breeze off the water keep everyone from overheating. Inside however we were heating up quite well with dishes diverse as Thai Beef Salad, Sunset Tamales with a hab sauce that was to die for (We have to have those recipes please), custom made for us One Bite Perfect Nachos (I just named that, they were darn good) Steamed Local Blue Crabs, Piquant Salmon Rolls, New Mex Chile Ale (all you home brewers have to pry the method from Lynn), Curried Chicken, Veggie Lasgane w/ habs, and some hauntingly sneaky Chile Chocolate Chip Cookies. I don't remember them all.

Recipes will be forthcoming I hope. (Subtle reminder attendees)

Here are some photos of the Hotluck:

Here's some stuff from the last DC Hotluck!

Image courtesy of Steve Satterfield
Peppers grown by Rose Marie Woodsmall
Now the politicians can't take all the credit for the hot air coming out of Washington!
Last Updated: December 14, 1995

Well Folks, it was a blazing success! On December 10 there was a gathering of 40 or so chile fanatics! Thanks to Rose Marie Woodsmall who lent her house to shelter us from the 20 degree chill, and the many others who worked to set up the tables, and Steve (who I think I asked half a dozen times if his name was "Mark") who made the labels and stands. Of course thanks also go out to all the attendees who spent the time to create so many varied, fabulous dishes!

Hopefully Mr Powers from the Washington Post (Who reviewed Chile Pepper Magazine, and could not understand why there were so many references to chiles...) was watching the news on Channel 8, when a televised clip featuring the Hotluck was broadcast. That's right Folks! There were cameramen from 2 different TV stations filming the Hotluck! I'm not sure if channel 7 aired anything. There was talk of digitizing the clip and creating an MPEG video which could be linked to from this page.

I still would like to collect recipes and descriptions of dishes brought, along with a subjective comment as to it's estimated heat level. As this info is collected I'll compile it and place it on the DC Hotluck Cookbook.

Hopefully this page will grow to be more than the pitiful little wisp you currently see!


Moi and Rose
Pedro deals out the HOT stuff!
Rose and John Bosley
A table of goodies
Rose with TV cameraman
A guy whose name I can't remember
Some more folks whose name I can't recall

DC Hotluck Heat Rating Contest Submitted by Steve Satterfield
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