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Grilled Tuna W/Mango/Passion Fruit Salsa

Nathan Freedenberg

I was flooded for requests for this one. I'm glad it was so popular as I made way too much. This is not a recipe per say as i am one of those intuitive cooks that tosses stuff in that I think will work. Sometimes they don't. This one however did.

Ingredients List Salsa:

Passion Fruit
Red Onion
Habanero Peppers
Olive Oil


For each 2 Mango's you need 1 Passion Fruit, 1 Lime, 1/2 Red Onion, Some Cilantro, as many Habs as you want, and some salt and olive oil to taste. Scoop out the pulp from the Passion Fruit and process in a blender or food processor. Put it in a stainer and let sit. I charred the de seeded Habs, if you want to now is a good time. Put the charred peppers aside to cool. Dice the onion fine and quickly blanch in boiling water, and shock in an ice water bath. Peel the Ripe Mango's and dice into rather small pieces. Chop the cilantro. Juice the Lime into the same strainer your Passion Fruit is in and stir/mash that mix to extract the maximum amount of juice. Mix all the ingredients adding salt and olive oil to taste. Now chop the Habs fine. They chop best when cool. If you put then in a processor you will get mush. Add them to taste. Cover and Refrigerate overnight.

Ingredients List Tuna:

Tuna FRESH!!!!
Olive Oil
Coriander Seed


Portion the Tuna. For the HotLuck I cut the Tuna into approx 3 oz pieces but 8oz is a good dinner portion. Crush the Cumin and Coriander Seed and mix with some Olive Oil and a little Salt. Brush this on the Tuna. On a VERY HOT grill cook the Tuna to the desired doneness. I cook mine rare and almost never hear any complaints, but the Tuna has to be Fresh. Serve right away with the Salsa and Enjoy!!

The Salsa is also great with some Fresh!! Tortilla Chips. I quickly deep fry mine and toss with coarse kosher Salt and a bit of fresh Lime juice.

Nathan "Time to hit the Hotluck leftovers" Freedenberg

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