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Mark's Hotlinks
All things Hot & Spicy!

Mark's BBQ Links
Smokin' off of Exit 109!!
=Mark's Beverage Links

Beer ~ Wine ~ Liquor

=Mark's Favorite Wine Flick
Botttle Shock


OK, so it's kind of local...
Monmouth Restaurant Listing

Menu Collection

Foodwine Mailing List

Decisions, decisions.
Shoult you eat that food that you

Dropped on the Floor?

Sarojini and Rao's
South Indian Cooking Lessons

From the FoodWine Mailing List

Fiery Foods Show, Albuquerque

Bring on the Fire!
Hot & Spicy inroads to the USA

Brief history of "El Grande" and it's spread across our country, along with some spicy recipes.

Originally published in Bites of Asia

A Spicy

    saltpepper        marjoram                            cilantro
   sarsaparilla      bay leaves                          coriander!
    garlicsalt        allspice          curry             cinnamon
     rosemary          fennel          parsley            turmeric
     dillweed          ginger           anise              pepper
     tarragon          chives                              nutmeg
     angelica          garlic                              cloves
     parsleysagerosemarythyme          mustard              zest
     basiloreganocuminpaprika           capers              dill
     marjoram          hoisin           relish               Na
     shallots          pickle           garlic               Cl
     woodruff          cloves           sesame
     mushroom          onions           morels
    peppermint        jalapeno         tarragon             mace
   butterscotch      lime juice       red pepper           garlic
    celeryseed        cinnamon         allspice             sage

A Friend I've known since before dinos roamed the Net...
Table Hopping with Rosie

A Great site for those contemplating Culinary Training
Guide to Culinary Arts Colleges

A very active Food Discussion group

For those Bourdain fans...
Bourdain's Blog

Another good Food Forum
Have Fun, Make Friends, Learn Something!

Some eGullet events I've attended:

  • 1st eGullet Dinner at China 46 Bergen, NJ. Apr 7, 2002
  • eGullet Meal at Mie Thai Restaurant June 2002, Woodbridge, NJ
  • 1st NYC eGullet Potluck June 2002
  • Bobolink Dairy Pig-BBQ & Potluck Vernon, NJ, September 21, 2003
  • Varmint's 1st Annual Pig Pickin' Raleigh, NC. October 11, 2003
  • Tony Bourdain talks with the founders of eGullet
    How their disagreements resulted in eGullet's eventual suckificcation

    Food as Art
    Landscapes with a Culinary Twist

    The Logistics Readiness Center


    Recipes from the folks I work with!

    TV Food Network Homepage
    Show schedules and all the recipes from the foodies favorite cable channel
    Foodwine Mailing List
    FoodWine is an e-mail LISTSERV-style discussion group centered on the topics of Foodand Wine. It is one of the largest food discussion groups on the internet and generates over100 messages a day - so if you subscribe, be ready to do some reading!
    The New Jersey Dining Guide - Restaurants, Diners, Banquets & Catering
    Porters English Restaurant
    Porters Bar
    Covent Garden, London

    The Earl of Bradford
    owner of Porters also hosts
    some London Restaurant Guides:

    The Earl of Bradford's
    London Restaurant Guide

    Traditional English Restaurants of London

    Authentic Thai food
    From the Source!

    Basil T's

    Monmouth Countys first Brewpub.
    In Red Bank, NJ

    The Spoon Lady
    Hand Carved Spoons made
    with Exotic Woods

    the finest and most delectable luxury foods available anywhere
    and in some instances they're only available here!
    Foodies I Have Met
    A photo of some fellow food lovers at a memorable meal. 1993

    New York's
    Best Known
    Gourmet Market

    Worlds Greatest Pastrami!

    Worlds Best Smoked Fish!
    A Web site for everyone who grows,
    raises or harvests, slices, dices or
    chops, roasts, bakes or boils,
    brews, distills or, of course,
    merely sits back and enjoys the results

    =Marks Photo Gallery

    Some food related, some not...
    Texas cooking, Chili,
    Garry's Home Cookin'
    Barbeque and Mexican Cuisine

    The infamous

    $250 Cookie Recipe

    Fun with grapes -

    A case study
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