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Late in 1994, I heard about an email list called "FoodWine." It didn't take a lot of imagination to figure out what it was about. After joining it was soon obvious that this was more than just a bunch of folks trading recipes. There developed many friendships over the years as we shared moments of each others day to day lives.

I've met many people through this virtual dinner table, and have come to enjoy the thoughts, Ideas, Experiences (and yes... recipes!) that are a daily part of it.

Here is the ddescription of the forum from Elliot, the list-owner:

"FOODWINE is for serious, but not pedantic, discussion of food, beverages, and related concerns. Consider the list as a discussion around a *very* large table among people who like to discuss food: the talk may become passionate and even off-topic sometimes, but always returns to the topic. People drop in and drop out. And with a group like this, down-home and common food of all areas is as much a part of the conversation as gourmet food."


When list members get together in real time and space, it's called a "Foodstock". Putting faces to the people you have gotten to know over the years on a daily basis adds a new dimention to the experience. Some of us have met literally dozens of people this way (Some Foodstocks have attracted nearly 50 embers, both nationally and internationally). Foodstocks such as those are destiination events for members. More often someone will be planning a trip somewhere, be it for work or liesure, posts it on the list and more than likely there will be another list member who will be close enough to the destination to make plans to get together for meals and such. Believe me, it gives a larger sense of community when there are members of this group in so many places!

Here are just a few that 've attended...

FoodWino Lyn Belisle has a much more comprehensive gallery of FoodWine FoodStocks

Lyn also bloviates about FoodWine :-)

The list has even collaborated on a couple Cookbooks, one of which was designated as Best Cookbook of the Year by the Toronto Star!

There is now a new FoodWine Cookbook available!

Cyberfeasts & Foodstocks:
Second Helpings

Presentation of the Second Helpings Cookbook
at Book Bassage in Corte Madera, CA.
February 2011

For a year or so, some members of the Foodwine list even set up a website which featured Podcasts by various members of the list.

If you are interested in joining FoodWine, send a blank email to:



FoodWine now has a Facebook Presence:

FoodWino Extroadinaire
Bob Pastorio

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