Indoor Pyromania!

Since moving back into the house I grew up in after my parents passed on about ten years ago, I am proud to say I've been keeping the home fires burning! My computer, TV, Sound system and fireplace are all in the same room. I burn about 2 cords per season. problem is, I can't seem to aquire a fireplace grate that is up to the task.

The grate in the upper left is original to the house which was purchased in 1955 It lasted about 5 years after I moved in before crumbling into the debris you see here. I then went and got me a cheapie $12 one that looked similar thinking I should be able to get at least 20 years out of it. Wrong! Took only 6 weeks to melt it to the mess shown in the center rear. I decided to upgrade to 5/8ths inch iron. Did a bit better, but within 10 weeks it had sagged until the supporting frame was resting on the firelace floor as seen on the far right.

Well, today I upgraded to 3/4 inch iron as seen front and center here, lets see if it will last the season...

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