Asbury Park Views

Labor Day 2008

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Convention Hall - Warren and Wetmore, designers of New York City's Grand Central Station designed this architectural landmark in 1923. The buildings are included on the state and national registers of historic places.

The Paramount opened in spectacular fashion on July 11, 1930 with a show starring the Marx Brothers and Ginger Rogers.

Convention Hall Panorama to East (Odd round building on right is an old Howard Johnsons Built in the early 60s, about a decade before the town fell into ruin)

View of Convention Hall from Boardwalk. A lot of acts played there over the years such as Frank Sinatra, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Rolling Stones, Dave Clark 5, Beach Boys, Jefferson Airplane, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Greatful Dead, Peter Gabrial, etc...

Springsteen holds free rehearsals there prior to his world tours

Sunset Lake looking West from Grand Avenue Bridge

Sunset Lake Looking East from Grand Avenue Bridge

View East from Grand Ave. Bridge

Sunset Lake

Corner of Cookman and Mattison Aves

Corner of Cookman and Mattison Aves 2

Stone Pony

Stone Pony & Casino

Casino & Ocean Grove Pavilion

View North on Boardwalk

View North on Boardwalk

Convention Hall Lobby - Asbury Park, NJ
Convention Hall Lobby - Asbury Park, NJ

Deal Lake - looking East - Deal, NJ
Deal Lake - looking West - Deal, NJ

Park Avenue Bridge between Deal and Asbury Park
La Plaza Cubana & Madam Marie's