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Some images of my recent (lack of) life:

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Friends, family, landscapes, local and distant events. With the help of the internet I've met well over a hundred people online in person and have yet to be confronted by a stalker or Net weirdo. Heck the site has been around for over a dozen years so I figure I can take it anywhere I want!

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Scotch & Savina
  • Game Cabin Life My technology free home away from home
  • Asbury Park - a work in Progress
  • Sandy Hook, NJ - Through the seasons

  • Some Foodie Friends I met many years ago Spring 1994
  • Annapolis Hotluck April 1996
  • My trip to Albuquerque for the 10th Annual Fiery Food Festival March 1998
  • Kim the Waitress (No, not from the Material Issue song) at a favorite local BBQ place
  • DC Area BBQ Fest June 1998
  • 5th Annual Remlik Steamed Crab, Silver Queen, and Q Feast August 1998
  • 5th Annual Bowers, Pa Chilefest September 1998
  • Rosies Reds, Whites and Bluesky Dinner October 1998
  • St. Louis Foodstock with members of the Foodwine list January 1999
  • Washington DC Foodstock/Lunchstock with members of the Foodwine Mailing list February 3-4, 1999
  • Mid Atlantic Hotluck 6 March 1999 with folks from the Chileheads Mailing List and a couple FoodWinos too...
  • Las Vegas Mini-FoodStock 16 March 1999 with another member of the Foodwine list
  • Springtime Boston Foodstock 12 June 1999 with more members of the Foodwine list
  • 9th Semi-Annual Concord BBQ/Hotluck Featuring members of the Chileheads and BBQ Mailing Lists
  • Christening my new Smoker Smokin' up a hunk 'o Pig on my Weber Smokey Mountain. July 3, 1999
  • First Annual NJ Hotluck 24 July, 1999 - Featuring members of the Chileheads Mailing list.
  • 6th Annual Remlik Steamed Crab, Silver Queen, and Q Feast AKA the Oinkster Festival. July/August 1999
  • Bandana's 9th Annual Blues BBQ 8 August 1999. Sponsored by Bandanas Serious Pepper Products
  • Mini International Hotluck 15 Aug 1999
  • 6th Annual Bowers Chile Festival attended by several folks from the Chileheads Mailing List
  • Rosies Reds, Whites and Boo-sky Dinner October 31, 1999
  • Bringing the fire inside! Grating problems with the start of fireplace season, November 1999
  • Gail & Nicole Waitstaff at my favorite local Seafood Restaurant
  • Image of iceboating on the nearby Navesink River in Red Bank, NJ on 6 Feb, 2000. This image was accepted by the Weather Channel as "Photo of the Week" for the week of 13 Feb, 2000.
  • Screen Shot of the Weather Channel presentation of the iceboat image.
  • Screen Shot of the Weather Channel presentation of an image of a sunset over a local river that was in their Photo Gallery the week of 20 Mar 2000.
  • Stevens Brothers New York Culinary Commando Raid 22 March 2000
  • Where would you expect to find some of the best BBQ in Oklahoma? Surely not at a Seafood Joint! July 2000... Damn that place is hot!
  • 7th Annual Bowers Chile Festival September 9, 2000 - attended by several folks from the Chileheads Mailing List
  • Bro Rich in Kayak exploring the Shrewsbury River. Sep 2000.
  • 2nd Annual Red Lion Hotluck Red Lion, Pa. - 30 September 2000
  • 3rd New Jersey Hotluck Hosted by Karen Stober, Warren, NJ - 21 Oct 2000. Was filmed for broadcast by TV Food Network.
  • Game Cabin 2000 Seneca State Forest, W Va.
  • Game Gabin trip at Parker Dam State Park, Pa. 2001
  • 1st eGullet Dinner at China 46 Bergen, NJ. Apr 7, 2002
  • eGullet Meal at Mie Thai Restaurant June 2002, Woodbridge, NJ
  • 1st NYC eGullet Potluck June 2002
  • My new vehicle Hyundai Santa fe on the beach in Wildwood NJ - September 2002
  • Lake at Japanese Garden Brooklyn Botanic Garden
  • Loop Road Seneca State Forest, West Virginia cabin trip - Fall 2002
  • Winter Scene 2003 Snow covered iceboats at Zen Beach on the Shrewsbury River. Nice Wallpaper
  • Presidents Day Blizzard 2003 Backyard Shot
  • Ryan's Graduation Party June 2003. My oldest son graduates! Bro Rich and I cater the event.
  • Wildflowers at Zen Beach on the bank of the Shrewsbury River. July 2003
  • Red Lion Chilehead Hotluck" September 2003
  • eGullet NJ Pig-BBQ & PotluckVernon, NJ - September 2003
  • Varmint's 1st Annual Pig Pickin' Raleigh, NC. October 11, 2003
  • Game Cabin XXIV Seneca State Forest WV. October 2003
  • Iceboat and snowdrift at Zen Beach on Shrewsbury River, January 04.
  • Salt Marsh on Sandy Hook Penninsula, NJ. Jul 04. (Platform in center is for nesting Ospreys)
    - (For cool image of the Hook, Click Here (click on image to enlarge)
  • Horseshoe Cove Looking south from Sandy Hook. Jul 04
  • Game Cabin 2004 Seneca State Forest, W Va.
  • Oceanic Bridge over the Navesink River, Rumson, NJ. Halloween 2004
  • Fall drive on back roads of Navesink, NJ. Halloween 2004.
  • February trip to visit Friends in Florida February 2005
  • Some beach glass I had collected over the years, Before and After sorting and cleaning
  • My Front Yard Blooms in the early Spring, 2005
  • 13 August 2005, 3:15pm. For the first time since owning it, my Outdoor Hanging Galileo Thermometer registers "All Balls Down" indicating temperatures in excess of 100 degrees! (Note: You can also see a portion of my back yard becoming a Nature Preserve/Lyme Tick sanctuary as I've not been able to mow it this year.) *What is a Galileo Thermometer?
  • GlassWitches Ball and Radiometer, in Dining Room Window. *What's a Radiometer?
  • Bowl of Heirloom Tomatoes From Meadowview Farms. A Mennonite operation that founded the Bowers Chile Pepper Festival in eastern Pa.
  • Sunset on Zen Beach - Shrewsbury River, September 2005
  • Another Sunset on Zen Beach July 2006
  • A Red Savina Habanero given to me by a coworker after her trip to the Southwest (OK, Southwest Jersey...) September 2005. Was dutifully sliced and eaten as a side with dinner at a local Mexican eatery. (Added note: Was subsequently used on an ABC News Nightline segment on super hot chicken wings made by Jake Melnick’s Corner Tap in Chicago, using Red Savina chiles. Screen shot off my TV is here) February 1, 2008
  • Traditional Japanese Summer Dinner Group of friends from work who get together for dinner regularly. From left to right, Kevin Murphy, Linnea Tober (soon to become Linnea Tober-Murphy), Beverly Beasley, Susan Rokeach (Standing) Susan's grandson Max, Moi (Standing) and Iris Crawford. Our own little UN delegation. This was the happy hour before the dinner. Those "Juice Boxes" on the table were Sake, as it is packaged and sold in vending machines in Japan. Much hilarity ensued... July 2005.
  • Billy Hector Local Blues and Rock musician performs with friends at a local Cajun Restaurant. September 2005.
  • Stringbean & the Stalkers perform live @ Ragin Cajun September 2005
  • Sonny Kenn Band's CD release Party Crossroads Bar, Asbury Park, NJ. October 2005
  • Foodwineos have a FoodStock in Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada. 14 - 16 October, 2005. What's a FoodWino?
  • Laying in a bit of Wood in order to keep the Fireplace warm through the cold months!
  • Thanksgiving Weekend, Western Pa. 2005. I'm adopted by a couple Kitties! These are shots of He and She prior to the seven hour journey back to Exit 109.
  • This shows one week of conditioning. Kitties have taken over my Chair. Something about the quartz heater in front of it. They decided they liked the names "Scotch" and "Savina."
  • Scotch & Savina like to make me jealous when I have to get up and get ready for work.
  • Enforcing NJ Traffic Law on Zen Beach
  • Linnea & Kevin's Wedding Halloween - 2008
  • February 2010 One word - Snow. OK, another one - Ice.
  • Greek Dinner at Nikos Trapezi - April 2010
  • Bro Rich's Wedding May 1, 2010
  • Dinner at Lil' Masters Grille July 2010
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