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Greenstreet Grill

280 Green Street, Cambridge, Ma. 02139


Mixed Summer Greens with a citrus, basil, roosted garlic, cornichon, extra virgin oil dressing $7.50

Caesar Salad with spiced croutons, anchovies & parmesan cheese, with a chunky, hearty garlic, lemon & pepper dressing $ 7.95

Spinach, Endive, & Watercress Salad with poached white asparagus, hearts of palm & a mixed berry, shallot, champagne time & thyme dressing. $9.95

Buffalo Mozzarella and Red & Yellow Beefsteak Tomatoes atop mesclun greens With balsamic vinegar, cracked black peppercorn, olive oil, orange, chervil dressing $8.95


Fried Plaintain & Cassava Plate served with roosted red pepper, candied whole tomato, cherrystone chili pepper, passionfruit dipping sauce $8.95

Five-Time Abused Conch stewed in yellow, green & red curry, 7 hot chili peppers, white rum, lime & thyme sauce with fried okra $9.95

Grilled Sausage jammed with sun-dried tomato, scallion, jalopeno, roasted shallot & garlic with a ground caper, tamarind, red currant, mixed bell pepper, red onion remoulode $8.95

Fresh Maine Crabmeat with a chilpotle chili pepper, grapefruit, extra virgin olive oil dressing and a mixed herb-crusted, garlic crouton & sliced avocado $9.95

Prosciutto with Crenshaw Melon & Figs on red leaf & baby mustard greens drizzled with cracked black peppercorn, basil & olive oil $9.95


Peppered & Pan-seared Tuna Steak atop sauteed wild mushroorns & fresh native corn, arugula with a red wine, thai basil, fava bean, serratio chili pepper, fish fume sauce $18.95

Marinated and Grilled Flank Steak with a roosted leek, roasted plaintain, tomato, poblano & anaheim chili pepper, mixed bell pepper, red wine vinegar, sage relish $16.95

Grillied Catfish with mango, papaya, pineapple, jalapeno, cucumber, cilantro, tomato, tequila lime relish $15.95

Grilled Sirloin Strip with a shoved gorgonzola cheese, brandy veal fond, mixed peppercorn sauce. Served with sauteed julientied sweet potatoes & wilted swiss chard & mustard greens $19.95

Sauteed Moullord Duck Breast with a Gran Marnier, duck fond, porcini mushroom, rosemary, golden raspberry sauce. Served with an assortment of potatoes & a warm summer salad of eggplant, calabosa & string beans $19.95

Lightly Baked Baby Back Ribs in a hot & spicy, smoky, semi-sweet vinegar barbeque sauce.. $14.95 Grilled Mako Shark with a coconut milk, ginger, sesame oil, roasted peanut, peanut butter, mixed ground chili pepper, lime sauce $16.95

Pan-barbequed Black Tiger Shrimp in a toasted lemongrass, tomato, orange, chilpotle chili pepper, cider vinegar, honey hefeweisen wheat beer barbeque sauce $18.95

Spinach, Red Pepper & Goat Cheese Ravioli with sauteed sea scallops & fresh lobster meat, sugar snap peas, green asparagus, yellow peppers, fresno chilies, finished in lemon verbena, white wine, lobster broth & marscarpone cheese (also available vegetarian) $18.95

Grilled Mako Black Pearl Salmon with a smoked oyster, lemonbalm, champagne grape, red & yellow pear tomato, garlic-chive, papaya, scotch bonnet chili pepper, Myer's Rum, white wine sauce $17.95

Vegetarian Plate chef's daily selection of fresh seasonal vegetables $1 .95

**an 18% gratuity will be added to Checks of groups of six or more**

Evening Specials for September 27, 1997


Maine Mussels & Wellfleet Clams steamed in Bass Ale with leeks tomatoes, caramelized onions, mixpd ground chili pepper, lemon, & mixed herbs $8.95

Sauteed Calameri with fresh basil, garlic, tomatoes, mixed ground chili peppers, lemon & white wine. $9.95


Whole Pan Pried Pompano with a tomato, pineapple lime & thyme, scotch bonnet chili pepper, Rum sauce. $17.95

Quartet of Fettucine: red wine, spinach, cajun & egg fettucine tossed with rock shrimp, tomatos, mushrooms, roasted eggplant, leeks, carmelized onions, garlic, mixed ground chili pepper, mixed herbs, lime, white wine, & tequila. Topped with Parmesan cheese $15.95

Grilled Mahi Mahi with a coconut milk, chilpotle chili pepper, basil, scallion, curry sauce $16.95

Grilled Farm Raised Red Winged Meadow Brook Trout with an orange tarragon.. cherrystone chili pepper, cucumber & lime buerre blanc $17.95

Mixed Seafood, spicy sausage and Tasso Ham Gumbo over rice in a dark & spicy broth. Served over rice $14.95

SOUP: Mixed Seafood Chowder $3.50

Wine Specials

RedsMerlot, Trumpeter $22 $5.25
Cabernet Sauvignon, Villa Mt. Eden$25$5.75
WhitesChardonnay, Hahn$22$5.25
Pinot Blanc,, Wild Horse$23$5.50