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Why are peppers


Smokin' off of Exit 109!!
Check out the
Chilehead Mailing List

2012 National Fiery Foods Show!

March 2 - 4
Reported by The Mix Talk Radio Network

Some Hot - Some Not

Overview of the Chile Pepper Institute's activities in 2009-2010

The Chile Pepper Institute at New Mexico State University is truly one-of-a-kind. In this feature for Aggie Vision, Dr. Paul Bosland talks about the many projects that the Chile Pepper Institute h...

You Know You're a Chilehead If...

A Food Network Special Featuring
Some Chilehead List Members
Part 6 includes 3rd Annual NJ Hotluck

Now available for Free Viewing on HULU
I'm in the Credits!
More Info on the Film

National Public Radio
Audio Clips From

Click to Listen
U.S. Is A Spicier Nation (Literally) Since 1970s
Chile Peppers: The Science Behind The Spice
What Made Chili Peppers So Spicy?

Hot & Spicy ~ The Movie

From The History Channel ~ Modern Marvels

Fiery Foods Festival 2009

NewMexicast report on the 2009 show
produced by Rosa Linda Román.
(See if you can spot Rev. Jim in there!)

The Hottest Food Site on the Web


Bring on the Fire!
Hot & Spicy inroads to the USA

Brief history of "El Grande" and it's spread across our country, along with some spicy recipes.

Originally published in Bites of Asia

Some Folks REALLLY Like their Kimchi!
The music video to The Calamari Retribution's song
"A Ballad for Kimchi"
from the upcoming album, "multiCultural, multiGenerational."
Featuring Peter Lee & Stephanie Villanea
They said I could express myself...

Jim Campbell

Proprietor, and maker of
"The Bread"

Jim seems to have been
popping up on Youtube
Check it out!

Mild to Wild Pepper and Herb Company Indiana Food Artisan

Al Roker at Open Fields

Jim Campbell

"Food is naturally different. So, I just really want to honor that variety and let the chili peppers do the talking."

Meet Jolene Collins, the founder and artisan behind Jojo's Sriracha in Brooklyn, NY. Jolene is obsessed with sriracha.

To find out where to purchase this one-of-a-kind product, visit:
Food Curated
Or chat with me on Twitter:

Allow your taste buds to do a little bungee jumping!

Host of the annual
Red Lion Chilehead Hotlucks!
These were picked at the
3rd Annual Red Lion Hotluck
Brazilian Wild Chiles
I swear these were hotter
than a lot of habs I've tasted!
Doug Barnhart has some
more of the
Colonel's Recipes

Firegirl's Hot Page
Everybody needs a hero!

Firegirl Thinks I'm Cool!

Now in our 14th year of supplying the fiery food industry with over 1,400 fiery products
Recipes, reviews, hotsauce, dried and fresh chiles
An international nonprofit organization devoted to education, research, and archiving information related to Capsicum.

Fiery Foods Super Site

From Dave DeWitt, Chile-head extrodinaire!

Gourmet BBQ Sauces and Rubs
I go for the Tennesse Red!

When Chileheads get together to share the burn!

  • DC Area Hotlucks 1995 - 1996
  • Hotluck 97 Concord, Ma.
  • Ultimate Hotluck! During the weekend of the 10th Annual Firey Foods Festival, Albuquerque 1998
  • 5th Annual Bowers, Pa Chilefest September 1998
  • Mid Atlantic Hotluck 6 March 1999 with folks from the Chileheads Mailing List
  • 9th Semi-Annual Concord BBQ/Hotluck 1999 Featuring members of the Chileheads Mailing List
  • First Annual NJ Hotluck 24 July, 1999
  • Bandana's 9th Annual Blues BBQ 8 August 1999.
  • Mini International Hotluck 15 Aug 1999
  • 6th Annual Bowers Chile Festival
  • 7th Annual Bowers Chile Festival September 9, 2000
  • 2nd Annual Red Lion Hotluck Red Lion, Pa. - 30 September 2000
  • 3rd New Jersey Hotluck Hosted by Karen Stober, Warren, NJ - 21 Oct 2000. Was filmed for broadcast by TV Food Network.
  • eGullet Meal at Mie Thai Restaurant June 2002, Woodbridge, NJ
  • Red Lion Chilehead Hotluck" September 2003
  • Bobolink Dairy Pig-BBQ & Potluck Vernon, NJ, September 21, 2003
  • Varmint's 1st Annual Pig Pickin' Raleigh, NC. October 11, 2003

    =Marks Official Chilehead Credentials

    Right off of Exit 109!

    Danceswithcarp's Brother's

    Raccoon Caper

    Articcle in the

    Eating Spicy Food:
    What are the effects?
    A lively Forum on all things
    Hot & Spicy
    A Photo of me at last Junes Boston Hotluck

    Hosted by Jim McGrath and Linda Peters

    Another Jersey boy done good!
    "Mean Green" is my favorite...

    ChileHead Theme Songs

    Thank God I'm a ChileHead!
    That "Other"Ring 'O Fire ( A.K.A. "Hunan Butt")

    Richard Operstenys
    "The 12 Daze of ChileMas"

    Yet another Jersey guy!
    Benito's Hot Sauce
    Must be something in the water...

    Mike McNally's

    (=Mark has been ordained Mystic Fire Priest, Grade One!)

    Horrific (and funny) Tales of
    Chile Madness!

    From the ChileHead Mailing List
    My First Time
    John Gunterman (aka DragonBreath)
    The Journal of Obfuscatious Experimentation. Feb 1993

    Rats, Aspartame, Chile, And You

    Learn basic Mexican cooking techniques from renowned Mexican chef, cook book author, and teacher Zarela Martinez, of Zarela Restaurant, New York
    Tamara's Simply Spicy Group
    Recipes and Discussion

    The Chile Squad
    By Richard Opersney and Mark Holm

    Sarojini and Rao's
    South Indian Cooking Lessons

    From the FoodWine Mailing List

    Live Chile Plantsby Mail Order
    (Note - Co-owner Janie, aka "Chlegoddess" doesn't lite spicy food! )

    From Wal Mart

    BBQ, Texas & Mexican Cooking
    Host of the SmokeRing BBQ Mailing List

    Rael64's Treatise on

    Chiles and Romance

    Some hot, some not.

    A Spicy
        saltpepper        marjoram                            cilantro
       sarsaparilla      bay leaves                          coriander!
        garlicsalt        allspice          curry             cinnamon
         rosemary          fennel          parsley            turmeric
         dillweed          ginger           anise              pepper
         tarragon          chives                              nutmeg
         angelica          garlic                              cloves
         parsleysagerosemarythyme          mustard              zest
         basiloreganocuminpaprika           capers              dill
         marjoram          hoisin           relish               Na
         shallots          pickle           garlic               Cl
         woodruff          cloves           sesame
         mushroom          onions           morels
        peppermint        jalapeno         tarragon             mace
       butterscotch      lime juice       red pepper           garlic
        celeryseed        cinnamon         allspice             sage

    Hot & Spicy Links Across the World!

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    The Ring of Fire
    a linked list of Chile-head websites
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    Hot Links to other Resources

  • VooDoo Queen Hot Sauce home of supernaturally delicious VooDoo Queen habanero hot sauce!
  • The The Jalapeno Cafe Chiles, Cookbooks, Recipes, Links and more!
  • Check out Firegirl's Hot site! If you like to sizzle and want your own page...
  • Help Support the Chile Pepper Institute I'm not the only one with a Hall of Flame!
  • Frontera Kitchens the home of Chef Rick Bayless, award-winning chef of restaurants Frontera Grill and Topolobampo, cookbook author, host of the PBS Telelvision cooking show MEXICO -- ONE PLATE AT A TIME
  • Extreme Home of Blairs Death Sauce and beyond. Right off of Exit 109!
  • Peppers Gourmet Fiery Foods Store and Restaurant, Dewey Beach, Delaware
  • FIREBREATH.comWorld's Hottest Hot Sauce, Mustards and Marinades
  • Chris Gleed's Chilehead Site Devoted to the wonderful Chile Pepper
  • Muoi Khuntilanont's Kitchen Dozens of authentic Thai recipes and info
  • Mo Hotta Mo Betta The Ultimate Hot Sauce location provides thousands of Hot Sauce Brands
  • Krista's Jamaican Jerk Sauce
  • Daves Insanity Sauce The hottest sauce in the world!
  • Cowboy's Chili Cuisine Corner where you can learn how to burn out your tender body parts...
  • FireMan's Texas WildFire! Chile Paste Texas WildFire! Chile Paste is a blend of chiles and fresh garlic, pureed together into a smooth, thick paste.
  • Havoc Maker Hot Sauce, Hot Foods and Gift Crates. What's life without a little Havoc?
  • The Pepper PlantRecognized throughout California as the premium hot sauce. All Natural
  • Off the Deep End Homepage a.k.a. "The Taj Mahal of Tacky." Salsas, hotsauces and Kitschy Gifts, Cool(as well as Tacky) Antiques
  • Sam McGee's a little hot gourmet mail order store nestled in the mountains of Northern Idaho
  • Shut My Mouth! Maison Louisianne Creole Products: spices, mustards and hot sauce
  • Garry's Home Cookin' Texas cooking, Chili, Barbeque and Mexican Cuisine
  • Tony Chachere’s Creole Kitchen read his tall tales, share his favorite recipes, and discover the spices, entrees, and cookbooks that have made him a Louisiana legend!
  • LONGHORN FOODS Award Winning Southwestern Cuisine: Bar-b-que Sauces, Hot Pepper Sauces, Marinades and Spice Blends
  • Sanchos Anchos Chiles, Moles, and Salsas. Recipes and chile trivia.
  • Big Bruces Gunpowder Foods The Source for ZESTY Seasonings, Spices, and Fixin's
  • Hot Peppers-Pinky's PeppersIf you're into peppers, Pinky's Peppers are sure to satisfy. This is the place to get one of the most unique taste sensations you will ever experience!
  • Jalapeno Cafe Links and tons of Hot & Spicy Recipes!
  • Salsa Express Good selection of sauces, spices and sizzling paraphanalia
  • New Big Easy info
  • ChileHeads A hot chile site from the UK

    Hot Menu Stuff

    Check out =Mark's entire
    Menu Collection
    Some hot ~ Some not

    From my local newspaper, the Asbury Park Press
    What's on the Menu?
    Chefs and restauranteurs may be disciples of any of a number of schools of thought on writing a menu


    These menus are a part of my collection which has taken years to compile. Most are very old and were transcribed long before restaurants had their own websites. Current availability of serch engines and the fact that most establishments have their own online presence may have rendered these obsolete, but hey, what am I supposed to do with them?. Consider this a historical archive!

    What the heck, print them out, and if the place is still open, see if they'll let you order off the old menu and pay decade old prices!

    (BYOB) = Bring Your Own alcoholic beverages

    New York City Area

      Bangkok House New York, NY. - Upscale Thai in Midtown offers sizzling good food
      Benny's Burritos New York, NY. - Huge portions, great prices and ALWAYS crowded
      Mesa Grill New York, NY - Great inventive southwestern style with a nice afterglow...
      Seeda Thai New York, NY - Sizzling in Midtown!

    Off Exit 109
    (near my home on the Jersey Shore)

      Armadillo Crossing South Belmar, NJ. - Southwestern/Southern Cuisine (BYOB)
      Bayou Cafe Manasquan, NJ - Sizzling Cajun/Creole on the oceanfront (BYOB)
      The Blue Marlin Bradley Beach, NJ. - Authentic Caribbean American Restaurant (BYOB)
      Casa Comida Mexican Restaurant Long Branch, NJ
      Cousins' Cafe Highlands, NJ. - Eclectic International cuisine (BYOB)
      Juanito's Red Bank, NJ. - Fabulous authentic Mexican cuisine (BYOB)
      Mumfords Long Branch,NJ. - Unique American Cuisine (Not specifically hot, but has a huge garden of chiles and herbs, and is not afraid to use them! (BYOB)
      South by Southwest - Loch Arbor, NJ - Southwestern cuisine with a great lake view

    Washington DC Area
    (Near my Brothers place)

      The Alamo Old Town Alexandria, Va. - Tex Mex down by the river on King St.
      Boss Cats Baily's Crossroads, Va. - Tropical Beach Bar & Cuisine, Now featuring Blue Crates of Death!
      Cajun Bangkok Old Town Alexandria, Va. - Interesting Cajun/Thai combo; they done good!
      Occidental Grill Downtown - Flavorful, tastefully spiced American fare
      Santa Fe East Old Town Alexandria - Good southwestern style cuisine

    St. Louis, Mo.
    (Home of Single Stock Fund - Live with it or Die from it!)

    Other Areas

      Cafe Nola Philadelphia PA. - Fabulous Cajun / Creole Cuisine with input from famous Chefs
      El Tesoro Colorado Springs, Co. - Tasty Santa Fe style southwestern
      Thai Garden Huntsville, AL. - Good Thai cuisine in Dixie!

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