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The Hot & Spicy Food & Dining List has chosen ICQ as the preferred method of communication between its members. ICQ empowers members with a means to chat whenever they like and enables them to share ideas, discuss similar interests or anything else pertaining to Hot & Spicy Food, including Growing, Eating, Hot Restaurants Recipes or anything else related to the Grande Chile Pepper. We encourage all members to get ICQ and provide us with their ICQ numbers. We will list the ICQ numbers of all members below, allowing quick contact with members for anyone who may visit this page. To omit your name from the list please email =Mark. Thank you.

ICQ List Name: Hot & Spicy Food & Dining
Description / Purpose: Discussion of Hot & Spicy Food and Dining topics
Searchable Keywords: chiles, peppers, capsaicin, ring 'o fire, hot, spicy
ICQ ListMaster: =Mark
Location: Off Exit 109 on the Garden State Parkway, NJ, US of A
Number Of Users: 65
List Created On: 07/21/97
Last Updated On: 05/14/98

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Hot & Spicy Food & Dining List ~ Welcome Chileheads!
Real Name & E-Mail Link Nickname & Homepage ICQ Pager & Add Remarks Language
Reint C. Abbink Abre 6204211 | ADD German, Dutch, Afrikaans, English
Kit Anderson -Smokey Pitts 2242257 | ADD I suppose that it's theoretically possible for a Yankee to make decent barbecue. But it sure ain't a pretty thought! English
Daphna Rachel Ariel – Kowalczyk Daph 2582493 | ADD The mind has a thousand eyes, but the heart just one! English
Jerry Arnold Guru 3172168 | ADD Hot and Spicy is the game.................Chiles are the name. English
Paula Barnette Thumper 13125080 | ADD no Comment English
Gayle Barney Gayle 8463788 | ADD Passionate about cooking and collecting recipes English
Linda Belair herring 16883126 | ADD No Comment English
Audun Boe ryfsys 3171137 | ADD Cogito Eggo Sum - I think; therefore I am an Egg Norwegian/English
Stephanie Bridges Stephanie 2412124 | ADD No Comment English
John Bradley ^TooTall 4215559 | ADD I love all hot & spicy foods English
Buffalo Sue Buffalo Sue 541579 | ADD Mild is a four-letter word... English
Peter Busse Base 15022266 | ADD Have you ever tasted a Swedish BBQ done on the Weber, itīs delicious! Swedish and English
Thomas W. Byers 3913407 | ADD I am a grower of various kinds of peppers including the habanero and the ultra-hot red savina habanero English
Liz Cabral-Hoyer Liz 3732107 | ADD The hotter the better! English
Jayne Cannon Jayne 15830244 | ADD No Comment English
Lloyd Carver Lloyd 1865914 | ADD Trying to be a CH for years English/ Trying in Spanish
Al Chavez Buddy 6371566 | ADD English
Julie Ciamporcero JC 10803111 | ADD No Comment English
Linda Clark-Koball Linda 3584648 | ADD No Comment English
Chardonnay Chardonnay 806002 | ADD Love all kinds of cooking and I collect cook books English
Spencer Cone BlueBear 2100328 | ADD No Comment English
Brian Cox Brian 2310195 | ADD No Comment English
Chipotle Coyote Coyote 1834723 | ADD It is much better than IRC, IMHO.. English
Jeff Crane Dr. Pepper 8459240 | ADD enjoy camping, gardening, and eating REAL hot food and peppers English
Brian Cross Mr.Nightmare 283318 | ADD Systems Construction Consultant & Computer Hacker
(give me a packard bell & a swiss army knife....)
Lady Dariana Lady Dariana 5378430 | ADD I cook a lot of Cajun foods and make the recipe's as hot and spicy as possible. Mexican is my second love. English
Judith Davis Jude 12067499 | ADD No Comment English
Dawn Dawn 4730315 | ADD No Comment English
Diane Di 7208473 | ADD I love hot and spicy foods English
Karl Diers Crystal Sales & Merchandising 6270746 | ADD I am a fanatic as regards curries English
Colleen Donners Bilbo 6730970 | ADD I have a crazy hot recipe for 'sambal' !!! English and Dutch
Diane Duane Diane D. 21654840 | ADD Hunting for user's lists involving cooking... English
Tim Eichman Ike 1597673 | ADD No Comment English
Debra Eisert Debra 2433354 | ADD No Comment English
Stuart Fleck loboluna 5381383 | ADD PEACE LOVE & HAPPINESS English
Steve Fullenwider Blackie 41844359 | ADD Spice is life! English
Paulino Garcia paulino 5433512 | ADD Trying to be a CH for years English/Spanish
Terry Gater 1431300 | ADD No Comment English
Mary Going Firegirl 2559293 | ADD Everyone needs a hero! English
Walt Gray Walt 7409145 | ADD No Comment English
I love Hot Foods, and would like some good recipes! English
Matt Holcomb BACCHUS 7932899 | ADD If you ain't sweatin', it ain't worth it English
Nancy Hutson nan_ 609839 | ADD No Comment English
Harry Jiles Harry 2264650 | ADD No Comment English
Ed Johnson Ed 2282997 | ADD No Comment English
Joe Kaufmann Joe 2456744 | ADD No Comment English
Ilweon Kim Veb 7448023 | ADD I'd like to cook Korean style hot spicy food English
Chris Kridakorn-Odbratt 1681312 | ADD The Royal Thai School of Culinary Arts English
Allen Lewis locoal 6184236 | ADD There are days when...
I want to bring back the slide rule!!
Lisa lisalisa 9564997 | ADD The only listmember not providing an Email address... (Hint Hint...) English
Lolo Lolo_a 6829672 | ADD English
Mary Lu Sexylegs 831667 | ADD No Comment English
Sherryl MacLeod Sherryl 3244369 | ADD No Comment English
Hayley Manning Honey 11632149 | ADD No Comment English
BOB McConneLL Bob 146917293 | ADD No Comment English
Joannie Mes Mccutcheon JvP 7929216 | ADD No Comment English
Melinda Merkel n 12221218 | ADD No Comment English
Peggy Minor Boogy2 5664426 | ADD No Comment English
Pen Mitchell Datadog 114072 | ADD No Comment English
Dr. Faisal Mughal CyberFx 6380863 | ADD No Comment English,Urdu,Arabic
Chuck Nicholson Ezy Rider 707074 | ADD ChileHead Hendrix fan English
Sandy Olson SandyO 1187737 | ADD CH #1146 English
Kevin Patrucco KP 8327963 | ADD No Comment English
Dolly Patel del 35365493 | ADD No Comment English
Terrell Percival tango 1643898 | ADD If I can''t get it on the NET, I don''t want it! English
Saul Pullman Saul 630551 | ADD Likes Hot Sauce Recipes English
Rael Rael 2593364 | ADD Peace, Hendrix & Chiles Voodoo
John Roche J.R. 2797179 | ADD Proprietor, Dijon's Restaurant, Sydney Australia English
Claudette Rogers Cmebr 24445406 | ADD love spicy food Dutch and English
Amanda Sykora Amanda 18398750 | ADD
Jeff Schickowski Jeff 2277537 | ADD No Comment English
Annica Sjoberg :-)annica 522714 | ADD Addict in Europe English/Swedish
Yvonne Siu Puppy 20140955 | ADD Hot stuff from China Chinese English
Skimpy Dressed Cajun Cook Lunar_Dew 1004141 | ADD I like it hot!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cajun English
Tanya Soldatova TANYA 12698703 | ADD Russian Chilehead! Russian/English
Graeme T. Steel Graeme 1350395 | ADD I like: pipesmoking, cooking, eating, drinking wine, reading and travel. Anything civilized. English
Mark Stevens =Mark 2059548 | ADD I started this nonsense, now join up! English
Rich Stevens :{ Rich in VA 2269905 | ADD Some sort of relative, no doubt... English
Ralph Stewart ralphe 24383069 | ADD No Comment English
Jesse T Weasel 2103464 | ADD I collect/raise/trade ornamental peppers English
Pat Thibodeaux 33952781 | ADD English
Bridgett Thompson Bridgett 2824879 | ADD OK, it's actually my husband's account... English
Lauren Thompson Lauren 2405930 | ADD No Comment English
Joanne Turner-Rancourt voyager 5542500 I enjoy having a chat in english ou en francais with people all over the world... French/English
Valerie Breeze 3953329 | ADD English
David S. Van Gelder Das Cook 1361542 | ADD webmaster of Cooking with Jazz. A really good Cajun restaurant in Queens, NYC English
Dave Verbil DAVe 2235896 | ADD Growing Chinense in Phoenix English
Juan C. Villalba Villalba 18518699 | ADD No Comment English, Spanish
James A. Whitten Big Jim 1950237 | ADD No Comment English
Jim Wolfe Legs & J 147413 | ADD No Comment English
Kyle Wood Kyle 8645464 | ADD No Comment English
Jaime Yanez mexban 3229446 | ADD No Comment English
Judy Zegke Judy 7527239 | ADD No Comment English
Joe Zillner Big Bear 604611 | ADD Yearning to be Burning English & some Spanish

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