Meandering John B's Ramblings...

Now, I just want to say how very much I enjoyed the food and the company at the Hotluck. We owe Rose Marie a great debt for opening her house *completely* to a horde of ravenous Chile-Heads, preparing rice, working with Steve S. to prepare the little tags (on flag poles yet!) to ID the dishes, and everything else. I do not believe that you could have found a greater variety of interesting, well-prepared, downright delicious dishes at one time in Greater Manhattan that Sunday afternoon!! The weather was chill, but thanks to a little space heater Rose Marie's delightful glassed-in back porch was *the* place to sit, enjoy the bright sunshine, and pig out on the delicious food.

Since Mark Stevens has so generously offered to collect and post these recipes on "our" Web page :-) I will bow out for now. Thank you all for your enthusiasm and collaboration--it was great fun sitting in Hotluck Central here, drooling and wringing my hands as the "secret" menu unfolded, chuckling about all the surprises in store for those of you I kept in the dark. :-) But the joke was on me-even though I might know the names of the dishes and of the attendees, there's no way I could have anticipated how wonderful everything was going to taste, what a delightful variety of flavors and appearances there would be, and just how much fun it would be to meet the people behind the Internet addresses--so I was just about as ignorant as anybody else, and certainly very pleasantly surprised in all those ways..

I do have my "Hotluck" personal list of those who at some point were going to come, and I will keep that for our joint use in organizing the next one.Regrettably, some folks couldn't make this party for one reason or another--not all were as lucky as Julie! :-)--but then we have all their new dishes to look forward to at the next Hotluck!! Now, when's it gonna be, and where?

Best regards to all and before I forget, Happy Chile-laden Holidays to All!!


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