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The Players:
Scotch and Savina

Kitty Cam currently off line.

Now Announcing!
Scotch & Savina in their own Motion Pictures!

The Kitties first film!
"Lie Hard - Laying don the law (of gravity)"

Feed Me! I'm bored...

Sparkly Cats!
There is actually a group out there named the "Sparkly Cats"?

Sniffin' butts and lickin' feet...
The kitties get used to the screen in the new storm door

It's my chair! No! It's mine!

Lexi sings "Feed Me!"
Kitty clip from the animated film Sita Sings the Blues
The Kitties have discovored
Social Networking!
Savina Stevens's Profile
Savina Stevens's Facebook Profile
Scotch Stevens's Profile
Scotch Stevens's Facebook Profile

Starting a new Job
Are you a Cool Cat?

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