10-12 medium Potatoes (any boiling kind will do)
1 small bag Frozen green peas
1-2 medium white onions
8 whole whole eggs (to be boiled)
2 large cans tuna fish (solid white)
2 Tbsp. Apple cider vinegar
Salt (optional) add to taste
Garlic powder (optional) add to taste
1 small can canned red beets (they add pinkish color)
Mayonnaise (any variety of Hellman's is good) add to taste
Black & green olives and 1-2 tomatoes for top decoration


Boil skinned potatoes whole, poke with fork to see if tender, but not mushy. In a separate pot, boil frozen peas, then drain. Finely chop onion(s) (1 medium whole is usually sufficient). Boil eggs separately, and peel shell after they cool. Chop six (6) of the eggs, slice two (2) lengthwise for top decoration.

Cut potatoes into medium-size cubes, combine with chopped onion, peas, tuna fish, chopped boiled eggs, salt (optional - 1 Tbsp to start), apple cider vinegar, and garlic powder (optional - 1 Tbsp to start). Add a small amount (about 1/4 to 1/3 cup) of finely chopped beets to give the desired pinkish color.

If serving all that day, add the mayonnaise to the whole bowl (four heaping Tbsp to start). Otherwise mix in the mayo as you serve the portions day to day. If you add the mayo all at once and store it in the fridge, after a while it tends to "cry", or get watery. For top decoration, use black & green olives, sliced boiled eggs, and sliced tomatoes for your design.

Christina Yildiz