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609 Highway 35
Shrewsbury, New Jersey 07702


Chef's Daily Creation - Priced Accordingly


Warm Wild Mushroom Salad- Tender baby spinach leaves are tossed in a saute of garlic and wild mushrooms, flamed with a balsamic viniagrette, and garnished with gorgonzola cheese. $9

Mesclun Salad- Mixed baby field greens with a roasted tomato viniagrette. $8

Tri-Color- Arugula, radicchio and endive, tossed in a balsamic viniagrette with roasted pears, pistachio nuts, and Chevre (goat cheese). $9

Caesar Salad $7


Antipasto Classico- Fresh house made mozzarella, sliced tomato, fire roasted peppers and imported proscuitto. $9

Louisiana Style Crab Cakes- Pan seared and set into a tomato wasabi mayonnaise, garnished with a southwest salsa. $10

Kiwi New Zealand- Fresh water mussels sauteed with fresh leeks, in an anisette cream sauce. $9

Shrimp Dumplings- Shrimp filled wontons in a honey dijon sauce. $10

Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms- Pesto grilled portobello filled with fire roasted peppers and lightly toasted with smoked mozzarella, topped with crumbled pistachios. $10

Trifecta Clams- Two casino, two oreganta, two imperial. $8

Broccoli Rabe- Sauteed with pure olive oil and thinly sliced garlic. $9

Rapini with Garlic Oyster Sauce- Asian style broccoli rabe, with oriental mushrooms, garlic, ginger, soy, and oyster sauce. $10

Pasta That's Italian

Ravioli du jour - Chef's choice with a special sauce. $10

Penne Vodka- Fresh basil, pancetta, and scallion flamed with vodka, spiced with

crushed red, and finished with tomato cream. $11

Fusilli Alpora- Fusilli pasta broccoli rabe, chicken and shrimp with a spicy Northern

Italian sauce. $14

Linguine Aioli- The classic garlic and oil. $9

Linguine Calabrese- Cauliflower sauteed with anchovy, garlic, capers, olives, red

pepper, and finished with pannesan, and lightly toasted bread crumbs. $11

Penne pomodoro Fresca- Fresh tomatoes, garlic, and basil tossed with imported

penne pasta. $10

Linguine di Mare- Lobster, shrimp, and clams swimming in a light tomato broth,

with shitake mushrooms over linguine. $15

Fusilli Gianni- Shrimp, onions, shitake mushrooms, peas, and proscuitto in a tomato

cream sauce. $14

Penne Boscoila- Sweet Italian sausage with roasted peppers, onions, black olives,

wild mushrooms, fresh herbs, and a touch of marinara. $13


Chicken Cleopatra- Breasts of chicken, sauteed with slipper tail lobster, flamed with

cognac in a minted mascarpone cream sauce. $18

Chicken Savoy- Tender strips of boneless white chicken, sauteed with garlic, oregano

and parmesan in a balsamic demi. $16

Chicken Murphy- Chicken breasts sauteed, with onions, peppers, mushrooms and

potatoes in a red brown glaze. Hot or sweet. $16

Lemon Chicken- Breast of chicken, in a sherried lemon sauce with braised endives,

artichoke hearts, and capers. 16

Calypso Chicken- Intensely marinated chicken, pan seared with plum tomatoes, and

serrano chiles, garnished with a tropical fruit rum salsa and sauteed plantains. $18

Hoffland Milk Fed Veal

Veal Cardinale- Scallopine layered with proscuitto, roasted peppers and fresh

mozzarella in a white wine demi. $17

Veal Royale- Sauteed scaflopine, franchesed and topped with lump crabmeat in a

sherried lemon sauce. $18

Veal Caprice- Pan fried veal cutlet, lightly breaded with seasoned bread crumbs,

served over a bed of tri-color salad, topped with an Italian tomato salsa. $19

Veal Portobello- Scallopine of veal, sauteed in a natural veal demi glaze with

marsala wine and portobeho mushrooms. $17

House Specialties

Rack of Lamb- Petite or full rack. Succulent Australian free range lamb, grilled to

perfection with a minted red wine demi. Petite $18 / Full $26

Sirloin Steak- Grilled 24 oz. center cut Black Angus sirloin. Any style, blackened, jerk

seasoned, au poivre, murphy, Pittsburgh, ? $24

Baby Back Ribs- Slowly stewed with scallions, garlic, crushed red pepper, soy sauce

and black beans. $12

Honey Sesame Pork Tenderloin- Marinated in soy, garlic, and ginger, roasted

with a honey sesame seed crust. $18

Mixed Grille- A combination, consisting of a petite rack of lamb, baby back ribs and

sesame pork all sauced appropriately. $23

Duck- Boneless Long Island, slow roasted and basted with Jack Daniels, raspberry

vinegar, brown sugar, and honey with a natural au jus. $21


Dover Sole Muiniere- West Coast Dover Sole, sauteed with butter, fresh tomato,

basil, white wine, and lemon, garnished with toasted almonds. $17

Red Snapper Marechiare- Fresh Gulf Snapper, sauteed with mussels, and clams in

a light tomato broth. $19

Seafood Francese- Lobster tail, shrimp and sole, sauteed francese style and topped

with fresh crabmeat, $21

Shrimp Annabella- jumbo shrimp wrapped with mozzarella and proscuitto on a

tomato cream sauce. $20

Stuffed Shrimp- Stuffed with lump crabmeat, and laced with a sweet champagne

cream sauce. $22

All dinner entrees include fresh

garden vegetables assorted flavored

butters, and Madeline's own signature bread