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Debbie and Chris Currently run
Mumford's Culinary Center


Unique American Cuisine

45 Atlantic Ave.
Long Branch, NJ.
On the corner of Ocean Boulivard (Rt. 36)
and Atlantic Avenue.
(908) 222-2657
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Your hosts, Chris and Debbie Mumford,
have shared their lifelong passion for
fine food ever since they met as
students at the Culinary Institute
of America. It gives them great
pleasure to bring you their
own creative cuisine prepared
from ingredients chosen daily
for their freshness and quality.
It is their desire to make dining
at Mumford's a special
experience. So relax and
enjoy. You're about to
experience the best.

Regular Menu


assorted smoked vegetables and herb boursincheese strudel
Set a sail in a red pepper tea

maine lobster quesadilla
Chunks of lobster folded in a floured tortilla shell with monterey jack & cheddar cheese, southwestern spices and scallions. Served with spicy tomato salsa and cilantro lime sour cream.

roast garlic marinated portabella mushroom
Sliced over tiger shrimp homefries and pecan dusted asparagus tips

spinach infused risotto rice
Encircled in a shittake mushroom fondue, finished with a flurry of shaved romano cheese and toasted pinenuts

caesar salad with a twist
Prepared in the classical way along with a warm roasted red pepper crouton, toasted pinenuts and warm oven dried tomatoes

house smoked salmon
Stacked with toasted bagel chips, red cabbage, onion and caper slaw. Finished with chive creame fraiche

Stuffed with spinach, feta cheese and sundried tomatoes, simmered in an herb cream sauce, then nestled with a pile of matchstick vegetables

chef's surprise
"A composition of four tastings" served with assorted accompaniments and sauces. Trust us and enjoy!


shrimp mica
Jumbo shrimp sauteed with fresh garlic, shallots, scallions, tomato concusse, parsley and lemon butter, served over linguini

shrimp mumford
Jumbo shrimp sauteed with shallots, procciutto ham, peas and artichoke hearts, in a light lemon cream sauce over egg fettuccine

breast of chicken orange basil francaise
piled on a twist of kitchenmade pasta, and served with our vegetable of the day

Buttermilk and pecan crusted. Set upon pimento angel hair pasta, with a natural corn cream and drizzled roasted corn and asparagus tips

new york sirloin
Chargrilled to your specification or spicy pan seared with nine different spices. Both served with romano cream and scallion potato galettes

pan tossed breast of chicken
With grilled kielbasa, oven dried tomatoes, hot and sweet vinegar peppers and chicken broth finished with fresh mozzarella and fish net potato chips

veal cutlet tuscany
Pan fried with an egg batter until golden brown, topped with ruby red marinated tomatoes, lemon scented spinach and melted dill havarti cheese on wild herb supreme sauce and red bliss potato fries

chicken breast kyle
Rolled boneless breast of chicken with seasoned broccoli, mushrooms and cheddar cheese. Coated in bread crumbs and baked, served in a pool of creamy lemon basil sauce

17.00 a vegetarian surprise
A composition of vegetables and potatoes or pasta, ask your server

The following menu is a sampling of some of the nightly off menu specials offered in recent months.

Note: Menu selections are varied seasonally, weekly and daily in order to assure the highest quality ingredients.


  • A Creole Combo
    Basil seared chicken strips and housemade grilled sausage with blackened shrimp. Served in a creole mustard cream, with a kentucky mini corn muffin and crispy tortillas.

  • Roast Duck Empanadillas
    Filled with a spicy mixture of roast duck, black beans, scallions, onions, peppers, cheddar cheese and Spanish seasonings, placed over a salsa rustica.

  • Jersey Garden Tomato Salad
    Our own fresh yellow and red tomatoes, marinated in artichoke hearts, hearts of palm, black olives and pimento, in a balsamic basil vinnegrette over frisee and garden lettuces, with shaved romano.

  • Oriental Fried Eggroll
    Filled with shredded shrimp and Chinese vegetables, served with a warm pork fried rice and crispy egg noodles with a sweet and sour dipping sauce and Japanese honeydew.

  • Black Pepper Seared Gigantic Butterflied Scallops
    Topped with spinach, red and yellow tomato, fresh mozzerella. Garnished with a lobster cream and sprinkled with grilled red onions.

  • Long Island Duck and Granny Smith Apple Raviolis
    Scented with molassas and maple syrup, then wrapped in tender pasta sheets, fried and set in a pool of pear nectar jus.


  • Vichyssoise of Spinach and Roast Corn

  • Cream of Garden Swiss Chard and Potato

  • Garden Fennel and Red Onion

  • New Jersey Clam and Corn Chowder


  • Three Onion Crusted Rack of Lamb
    Sauced with a sweet roast garlic, rosemary and thyme natural sauce, on a nest of wild mushrooms, spinach gratin and a white bean stew.

  • An Assembly of Seafood
    A pan flashed softshell crab wrapped in toasted flour tortilla, a grilled medallion of swordfish steak with a toasted pinenut, lemon, basil, butter and mushroom essence, garnished with garden cherry tomatoes and homefried potatoes

  • Rolled and Roasted Rabbit and Chicken Duo
    Onion and herb crusted, rolled with smoked ham, spinach and shitake mushrooms. Served with a red currant demi glace and a fresh kiwi puree, drizzled with crispy fried onions.

  • Spicy Seared T-bone Steak
    Placed over a warm tomato salad, with shoestring potatoes, and an oven dried tomato pinwheel of fresh mozzerella and Garlic Croutons.

  • Cornbread Crusted Stuffed Veal Scallopine
    Stuffed with seasoned veal, Bel Paese cheese, spinach and tasso ham, set on a bed of seasoned spaghetti squash, in a smokedtomato pancetta sauce, drizzled with housemade spatzel.

  • Chicken Breast in Flaky Pastry
    Stuffed with assorted summer vegetables and herbed cream cheese. Served with a cool jicama salad and a fennel double lemon cream.

  • Sesame Grilled Mahi Mahi
    With an Oriental barbeque sauce, drizzled with lemon grass broth, garnished with fried asparagus and toasted cashews.
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