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Ontario, Canada
October 14 - 16, 2005
Dinner At
Peller Estate

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American Falls
Horshoe Falls (Canadian side)
Approaching the edge of Horshoe Falls
Lunch at the Falls - Lee, Roseanne and Joanne
Lee Krone, Roseanna, Lee's friend, and Joan (Savvy), American Falls in background
Lee and Roseanne enjoy the view

Another shot of downtown
(Picture Cape May next to Lake Ontario)
A gazebo on the edge of the water. Lake Ontario is on the left, the Niagara River is on the right. Fort across the river is in the US
Barrels of wine at the cellers of Peller Estates
Another shot of the Cellar. Our meal was served in the room to the upper left
After concluding the wine was not flowing fast or freely enough, Cat and Pastorio take control of the wine bar
View off the balcony at The Anchorage Hotel, where many of us stayed
Bea and Colin (Powell) and Gretl
Bea Powell and Cat Lancaster
Bob and Joanne Schweik, Roseanna (Lee's friend) Cat and Gretl at The Anchorage
Carol Thomas, Bruce, Maryellen
Cat Lancaster, Gretl and James Collins, =Mark and Lee Krone
Cat Lancaster at Peller

Greg (Wend Hunt's friend), Wendy, and Susan, Bob and Joanne's friend
Gretl and James Collins, Cat Lancaster (Trying to stifle a laugh) at the Anchorage
James Collins, =Mark, Lee Krone, and Bruce (Maryellen's husband) at The Anchorage
Lee Krone (from back), Roseanna, Bea Powell, Cat Lancaster, Colin Powell,and Bob Schweik and Peller
Bruce and Maryellen
Maggie Johnson (aka Conan the Librarian, from back), gretl Collins, Cat Lancaster
Bob Pastorio, Carol Thomas, Maryellen Casey, Bruce
More Barrels
Rear- Lee Krone & =Mark
Front- Colin & Beatrice Powell

Joan Waldron Testifies!
Colin Powell and Wall 'O Bottles
View of Dinner from Cellar
Beatrice Powell in the cellars
Hello, my name is =Mark...
=Mark, Terry Johnson, Gretl & Jim Collins
Bruce, Maryellen Casey, Pat Belanger, Carol Thomas, John Belanger, Bob Pastorio with wine cellar in background
Terry Johnson, Jim & Gretl Collins
We eventually get chased out of the Anchorage Bar by Bernie LaBarge and his band. The rest of the evening is spent on the outdoor porch

Peller Estates Dinner
Tasting Menu

Malepeque Oysters and Cured Salmon with Banyul's Mignonette, served with Peller's Founders Series Cristalle (a champagne-style sparkling wine that's blended with a bit of ice wine)


Roasted Partridge with Pearl Barley Risotto and Rosemary Jus, served with 2003 Private Reserve Gamay


Raspberry "frost" (a granita rather than a sorbet)


Provimi Veal Tenderloin with Sweetbreads, Chanterelles, and Fondant Potato, served with 2001 Andrew Peller Signature Series Cabernet Franc


Trio of Artisan Cheeses (Five-Year Cheddar, Baluchon, Rassembleu) with Crab Apple Waldorf Salad, served with 2002 Andrew Peller Signature Series Riesling Icewine


Nectarine Cake with Wildberry and Nectarine Coulis, served with 2002 Andrew Peller Signature Series Vidal Icewine.

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