Stevens Brothers
New York
Culinary Commando Raid

22 March, 2000

Our journey begins with lunch at Vong, New York's highest rated Thai Restaurant.

Appetizer was a shared "Black Plate," A comination of dishes including:

Crab Spring Rolls with Tamarind dipping sauce, lettuce wrap and fresh herbs.

Prawn Satay with Fresh Oyster Sauce flavored with Kaffir Lime Leaf

Loster and Daikon Roll with Rosemary, Honey and Ginger Dip

Quail rubbed with Thai Spices, Crunchy Cress Salad

Raw Tuna and Vegetables Wrapped in Rice Paper

Entrees that we Shared:

Grouper with Wok Fried napa Cabbage, water chestnuts and Chiles

Monkfish baked with Special Spices & Seeds. Potatoes and Asparagus

All was washed down with a nice Russian River Valley Zinfandel, Dessert included glasses of Port and Calvados.

Cultural events for the day involved a
thorough tour of some of New York's oldest pubs...

Click on thumbnails to see the full sized picture

Rich waiting to Enter PJ Clarkes, one of the oldest pubs in NY
A study of the Stevens Brothers enjoying their preferred habitat at the end of PJs bar.
Dennis the bartender who has endured our presence in this establishment for over 20 years
Rich preparing to enter McSorleys Ale House, the oldest pub in the country. No beer. No wine. No liquor. Just McSorley's ale, light or dark.
Once again we assume the position...
A traditional order of cheese, sliced onions, crackers and damn near the hottest musterd we've encountered.
Ginny and Barba–Del, regulars at McSorleys camp out with a few brews at their favorite table (Well, OK it's our favorite too, but we got next best...). We wish we had more time to converse with these ladies, they just were obviously having a really good time, but we all had schedules to keep... (History: During a visit during St. Patricks Day in the mid 80s we were at that table and got a call at the pay phone from a TV station in Ireland asking about how things were going)
The 1st Annual Saveur Magazine Passport Food and Dining extravaganza. Held in the refurbished Vanderilt Hall in Grand Central Terminal
Chefs from City Hall Restaurant prepare a grape, walnut and Blue Cheese salad
Restaurant Espana serves up various appetizers
Setting from Toons Thai Restaurant (Check out those colorful chiles in the lower right!)
Another view of Toons' setting
Serving up tastes of some Famous Grouse Scotch Whiskey

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