The 6th Annual
Remlik Steamed Crab, Silver Queen, and Q Feast

Hosted by Dan & Barbara Gill

30 July - 1 August 1999
Near Urbanna, Va.

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What does Dan do when he decides that he needs more cooler space for the BBQ? Send Barbara and granddaughter Taylor out to one of the out buildings with a tractor mounted forklift to haul back an old commercial refridgerator unit he happened to have laying about. Dan is supervising (as usual...) while Charles looks on. A little cleaning and rewiring and our beers were chilling nicely!
The Stevens brothers ready some homemade chipotle garlic sausage for smoking in Dan's "Butt Ugly" smoker seen from the rear
Lisa & Bill Tolbert with mini burn barrel for Terry Light
Dave Lineback loading spicy wings into Dans "Butt-Ugly" smoker. He had not previously mentioned that smoking "Traditional" chicken wings involves dropping a certain percentage of them into the coals...
Terry accustoms himself to the concept of goat.
Terry Light, Bob Ballard and Glenn Birkhimer salivate as Chipotle Brandy marinated Portabellas grill
Finished smoked Chipotle Garlic Sausage and Marinated Portabellas prior to being devoured
A PBS film crew who spent most of the day filming the activities brave 101 degree in the shade heat.
The pit area: Two in-ground pits dug with a backhoe earlier that day are in the foreground. These are used to cook the goats "Billy" on the spit in the foreground, and "Bob" being cooked Llano style in the covered pit. The burn barrel was chugging full time in the center pretty much the whole day (you'll notice Dan's banana trees growing behind the burn barrel). Multiple 40+ lb. hams and briskets cooking in the Rufus Memorial Pit in the background left. As mentioned earlier the temps were hovering around 100 in the shade with high humidity. You can imagine what it was like to spend any time among the pits!
Typical BBQ List imagination used to set up the spit to turn "Billy." None of this was thought out in advance, just cobbled together on the fly! Electric motor weighted with bricks and braced by lumber and shielded with sheet metal
Crabbing crew sets off on Miss Rappahannock
Bob Ballard with Olivier and wife Coco ponder how to free "Billy" from the spit
Dan and Taylor lead the crowd in saying Grace
Glenn carving up "Bob"
Dan tries some of "Bob" while Rich S. carves the brisket. You can see the film crews wireless mike clipped onto Dan's collar!

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Images of the 1998 Fest can be seen here

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