The 2003 Red Lion Chilehead Hotluck

27 September
Red Lion, Pa.

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1 - Hot Sauce Tasting Bar
2 - Doug Barnhart, Eric & Jeff Potter in heated discussion
3 - Rich's Asian Shrimp & 4 Pepper Salad
4 - Shot of Main Table
5 - Other end of Main Table
6 - Chip and Gang in Serious Discussion
7 - Chipotle marinated Shrooms on Grill
8 - Evil Cookies!
9 - Ashlyn & bob (Ashlyn is youngest knucklehead to knowingly and repeatedly partake of Evil Cookies)
10 - Chip's Young Ladies (Names?) Far left and right. Helped a lot by circulating dishes around the crowd.
11 - Artistic rendition of Doug and Risa in Karen Stober's children's book "Scoville the Chile Pepper"
12 - Crowd Scene (Note Chile Garden in foreground)
13 - Doug savors his once a month brew as Karen S. looks on
14 - Doug's partner Bob tries to close a deal on one of their grills (Note sliced smoked jalepeno cheese sausage in lower left)
15 - Another shot of the crowd. Have noticed that Chip seems to favor that spot on the porch (Next to keg...)
16 - Bro Rich surveys the feast
17 - It's getting late and Chip moves a couple feet to take a seat (across from keg...)
18 - Adults aren't the only ones getting rambunctious
19 - Doug encourages a final nightcap of chile infused rum

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