Smoked Salmon Nicoise


tomatoes (6)
small local artichokes (6)
cucumber (1)
green pepper (1)
small fresh onions (4)
boiled eggs (3)
smoked salmon cut in 1 inch strips (8 oz.)
black Nice olives (4 oz)
basil (1 sprig)
garlic (1 clove)
olive oil (6 tablespoons)
salt, pepper, vinegar


Make a sauce with the olive oil, chopped basil, salt, pepper and a few drops of vinegar, and put into the fridge to get good and cold.

Quarter the tomatoes (optionally, salt them lightly before putting them in). Quarter or slice the eggs. Peel the cucumber and cut it into thin slices. Slice the green pepper, the onions and the artichokes (or fèves) into thin rings.

Chop the garlic in half and rub the two pieces liberally on the inside of a large salad bowl. Put the ingredients into the bowl, with the tomatoes going in last, and the salmon strips on top. Instead of mixing the ingredients, they are usually arranged for color and appearance.

Add the cold olive-oil sauce and serve.

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