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Santa Fe East
Chef David Dai

110 South Pitt St.
Alexandria, Virginia, 22314
Innovative Southwestern Cuisine


  • Calamari de Sonora $6.95

    Calamari dusted with blue cornmeal, fried and served in a tortilla shell with Salsa Sonora

  • Tamale de Yucatan $4.95

    A fresh corn tamale filled with shredded Achiote chicken and steamed in a banana leaf

  • Empanadas al Palmitos con Cameron $5.95

    Empanadas stuffed with shrimp, hearts of palm and mushrooms, accompanied by ancho chile-mustard seed sauce and guacamole

  • Pate de Pescado Ahumado $8.50

    Smoked salmon terrine with layers of roasted chiles and herb cream cheese, served on a pool of cold smoked tomato coulis with fried corn tortilla chips

  • Nachos de Pollo $5.75

    Smoked chicken, fresh tortilla chips and black beans, topped with chile con queso

  • Chevre Chile Relleno $6.50

    An Aneheim chile filled with a mixture of goat cheese, cream cheese and herbs, rolled in blue corn meal. Served with green chile stew and a tomato jicama salsa

  • Salsa Fresca $3.95

    Fresh tomato, onion, jalepeno and cilantro

  • Guacamole $4.95

    Fresh Avacado blended with tomato, jalepeno, onion and cilantro

  • Crabmeat Quesadilla $8.95

    Fresh crabmeat folded into a flour tortilla with mushrooms, black bean spread and queso blanco

  • Smoked Duckling Quesadilla $6.25

    Fresh smoked duck meat with braised onions, black bean spread and melted brie cheese in a soft flour tortilla

    All Quesadillas served with mango-jicama-ginger-cucumber salsa

  • Ensalada de Hacienda $3.95

    An assortment of baby greens served with house dressing

  • Ensalada de Caesar $4.50

    Romaine and frisee lettuce tossed in a dry monteret jack cheese and lemon vinaigrette with croutons

  • Ensalada Santa Fe $9.95

    An assortment of baby greens served with a lemon-oregano marinated grilled chicken breast and topped with a balsamic-cumin vinaigrette

  • Ensalada de espinaca y con Mariscos $10.95

    Warm spinach tossed with raspberry-pine vinaigrette and topped with marinated sea scallops and smoked salmon roses


  • Sopa de Frijoles estilo Santa Fe - Cup $2.95 Bowl $3.95

    Santa Fe Black Bean soup with sour cream and fried tortillas

  • Smoked Corn Chowder - Cup $2.95 Bowl $3.95

  • Durango Chile - Cup $3.95 Bowl $5.95

    Fresh chiles, beef, beans and queso blanco

  • Green Chile Stew - Cup $3.95 Bowl $5.95

    A hearty mixture of pork, chiles and tomato


  • Enchilada al Tizoc $10.75

    White corn tortillas filled with Feta and Ricotta cheese and roasted vegetables covered with a zesty red chile sauce and served with black beans

  • Grilled Salad Navajo Style $8.50

    An assortment of freshly grilled vegetables served over mixed greens with a balsamic-cumin viniagrette and salsa fresca

  • Frijoles de Santa Fe $11.95

    Black Turtle Beans, Pinto beans and green beans served over a bed of pasta fresca with smoked tomato sauce and grated dry Monterey Jack cheese

  • Le Plato del Jardin $12.95

    Mexican Rice surrounded by grilled eggplant, zucchini and bell peppers, roasted cabbage and mushrooms and sauteed spinach


    Filete a la Mexicana $17.95

    Grilled beef tenterloin with Ancho chile-basil-sesame seed crust served with roasted shallot-jalapeno-merlot wine sauce and a cabbage pancake

    Chuleta de Cerdo con Chile Colorado $12.95

    Centre-cut pork chop grilled to perfection served with Colorado red chile sauce and apple-raisin-sweet potato chutney

    Costillas a la Navajo, con Frijoles Charros y Pure de Papas $11.95

    Baked Navajo style pork ribs served baked pork and beans with fresh poblano chiles and cilantro; accompanied by fresh mashed potatoes with queso blanco

    Plato de Combinaciones $14.95

    Baked Navajo pork ribs, grilled Ancho-chile chicken breast, andouille sausage, served with baked pork and beans and mashed potatoes with queso blanco


    Sopa de Mariscos con Fideos $17.95

    Gulf shrimp, mussels, oysters and sea scallops simmered in a seafood broth with poblano chiles, black olives and tomatoes; served over fideos (fresh pasta)

    Trucha del riode Pecos con Plantano $13.95

    Pecos River trout coated with blue corn and rosemary and deep fried; served with chile arbol-basil-garlic yogurt sauce and Taos cole slaw topped with pinapple-plaintan-dried apricot compote, accompanied by green rice with chorizo

    Salmo a la Plancha estilo culiacan $16.95

    Fresh Canadian salmon marinated in coconut milk with lemon grass and griddle seared; served with Culiacan sauce (tomato ginger) with a touch of cumin; accompanied by arroz verde (green rice), and fresh chile-papaya salsa

    Monkfish Europa $15.95

    Roasted medallions of monkfish and lump crab (Estilo Nuevo Leon) served with saffron-pommery mustard sauce, roasted vegetable ratatouille and fried rice fideos


    Pato en Pipian Negro, Arroz a la Mexicana y Bunuelos de Elotes Ahumados $14.95

    Half duckling cooked in two ways; duck leg confit and breast grilled with cracked peppercorns; served with Pipian sauce (pumpkin seeds with a touch of Ibarra chocolate) accompanied by classic Mexican rice and a smoked corn fritter

    Pollito al Carbon $13.95

    Charbroiled whole cornish game hen marinated in lime juice, garlic and star anise, served with Zuni succotash and skillet corn cake

    Barbacoa de Pollo en hoja de plantano con arroz a la mexicana y Guacamole $11.95

    Chicken breast with a barbecue chile sauce wrapped in a banana leaf and steamed in it's own juice, accompanied by mexican rice and guacamole

    Chipotle Chicken $14.95

    Strips of boneless chicken breast tossed in a Chipotle cream sauce and seved with guacamole and salsa fresca

    Enchilada Santa Fe $10.95

    Smoked chicken and queso blanco served with black bean

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