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Sweet Haven

If Mom Could Cook Like This, You'd Still Be Home

Bridge Avenue and West Front Street
At The Galleria In Red Bank
(908) 747-7440
We offer the unmistakable flavor and value of wholesome and nutritious home cooking. A value no other take out establishment can offer. Our farm fresh chickens, meats, specialties, sandwiches and side dishes are prepared with the same loving care you would take for your own family.

We don't cut corners at Sweet Haven

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908-747-7492 (Fax)

Eat In, Take out ~
Minimum Delivery Order $10.00 * After 6:00 PM $15.00

Stop in any time for a free taste of any of our sauces, side dishes, condiments, or world lass barbeque. You won't be dissapointed!
Major Credit Cards Accepted
The World's Best Chicken!

Apple & Hickory Roasted ™
Rotisserie Chicken and Meats

Marinated, Seasoned and Slow Roasted.
If this isn't the best roast chicken you've ever had,
we'll eat our hats!

Whole Rotisserie Chicken - $7.99
Half Rotisserie Chicken - $5.49

Our Rotisserie Chicken Meals

are served with a fresh Sweet Haven Butterflake™ Biscuit, pickled green tomato ant your two favorite side dishes.

Half Chicken Meal - $6.99
Quarter Chicken Meal (light) - $5.29
quarter Chicken Meal (dark) - $4.29

Blazing Buffalo Bob's™

the BIGGEST, tastiest, tenderest chicken wings you ever layed a tooth to. Served with celery sticks, our own bleu cheese dressing and your favorite side dishes. Pterodactyl wings from Hell!

Short Order (includes 1 side) - $4.95
Full Order (includes 2 sides) - $8.95
Party Pack (includes 4 sides) - $16.95.

Sweet Haven Chicken Crisps™

Tender, juicy, crisp & crunchy boneless chicken breast fingers, cooked to perfection.
Five big fingers, served with dipping sauce, celery, and your favorite side dish.

Cajun Crisps™ / Honey~Glaze Crisps™ - $4.99
Chicken Carib™ (Coconut Chicken - $5.49

Wings or Fingers, have 'em your way:
Tummy Rubbin Sweet & Spicy
Hurt' Ya Hot
Stick a Fork In Me, I'm Done

Chickie Pot Pie™ - $3.99
Big tender chumks of our Apple & Honey roasted chicken with lots of fresh veggies in our own creamy seasoned sauce and topped with our Butterflake Biscuit. ¾ pounds of joy, this is a meal!

Authentic Southern Barbeque!

Apple & Hickory Roasted ™
Chicken or Pork Pulled BBQ
West Texas Beef BBQ

The best BBQ north of anywhere!

Smoked to perfection! Our lean and tender, slow roasted, Hand-Pulled, Beef or Pork Barbeque is authentic southern cuisine at its finest.

Tender Chicken BBQ Sandwich - $5.99
Tender Pork BBQ Sandwich - $5.99
Tender Beef BBQ Sandwich - $5.99

Our quarter pound BBQ sandwiches include a sprinkle of French Fried Onion Craklins, green tomato, Sweet Haven Slaw, and your two favorite sides.

BBQ Chicken, Beef or Pork Platter - $8.95
One half pound of fork tender, savory meats, served with a sprinkle of French Fried Onion Craklins, green tomato, Sweet Haven Slaw, our Butterflake country biscuit and your favorite side dish.
Our Famous French Fried Onion Loaf!

Quarter $2.95 • Half $3.95 • Whole $5.95

Over one-pound of crisp, golden brown onion rings, fried into a tender block of seasoned perfection!

Sweet Haven Jack Fries ™
Half Order $3.95 • Full Order $5.95
Crisp, freshly cut french fries topped with sliced black olives and bubbly melted Smoked cheese. Served with our own dipping sauce. Plenty for two, a meal for one!
Southwestern Humdingers!

Lean, Tender Chicken Fajitas - $5.99
Lean, Tender Beef Fajitas - $5.99
Crisp & Flavorful Veggie Fajita - $4.99

Flavorful, tender, lean meats or veggies cooked to perfection and served on our home made Sweet Haven Fri~Bread™, with our own blend of seasonings and sauces, sour cream, black olives and Acapulco Gold™ Salsa. As good as it gets!

 Chili Bangers™ ~ $3.99
Over ½ lb. of Deep fried batter dipped fresh bell peppers stuff full of our secret spicy cream cheese.
 Lonesome Chili Banger $3.99

Side Orders & Specialties!

Biscuits & Such ~ Fresh Daily!

Sweet Haven™ Hushpuppies - $.99
Sweet Haven Navajo Fri~bread - $.99
Butterflake Country Biscuits - $.99
Pickled Green Tomato Wedges - $.99

Side Dishes & Snacks
All our side dishes are not always available

Yumbalaya™ - $1.79
Sweet rice and fresh veggies sauteed and seasoned to perfection. A vegetarian delight!
Honey and Molassas Baked Beans™ - $1.79
Slow Baked with real bacon & craklins
Sweet Haven Slaw™ - $1.79
Crisp cabbage, carrot and bell pepper tossed in our secret creamy dressing and secret spices
Sweet Haven Pecan Pie™ - $1.79
Sweet & Savory Tender rice tossed with toasted coconut and pecans. (This is so good I have it for breakfast).
Sweet Haven Fond Memory Fries™ - $1.79
Crisp freshly cut french fries the way you remember them!
Sweet Haven Yummy Yams™ - $1.79
Light, seasoned, down home sweet potatoes. Healthy, and oh so delicious!
Saucie Cinnomon Apples™ - $1.79
Sweet & Tart fresh apple tidbits in a smooth sauce
Marvelous Mashed Potatoes™ - $1.79
REAL mashed potatoes made fresh daily. The best!
Roast Corn Maque Choux™ - $1.99
(Mock-Shoo) A Cajun blend of sweet roasted corn, onion, crisp peppers & our own special seasonings.
Crusty Cajun Baked Potato™ - $1.99
Dipped in butter and rolled in our own seasoning mix, the outside is baked to a crusty perfection
4 Bean Salad - $1.79
Crisp, fresh green beans, wax beans, red and garbanzo beans in a sweet and sour marinade
Savory Cornbread Stuffing™ - $1.79
Cornbread, crisp, fresh veggies, chicken stock and our own seasonings. Get stuffed!
Cajun Potato Salad™ - $1.99
Hands down the best salads on the planet

Sidecar Sampler Platter™ - $3.99
Your choice of any three of our Home-Made side dishes and a freshly baked ButterFlake Biscuit.
Great Specialty Sandwiches!

Big, Juicy, Quarter~Pound Natural~Casing Foot~longs!

The Tubesteak Special™ - $2.99
Orleans™ Mustard, And Our Own Sweet Onion& Red Pepper Relish On A Fresh Potato Roll
Cajun Cowstick™ - $3.69
Orleans™ Mustard,, Special Hot Sauce, Our Own Sweet Onion & Red Pepper Relish And A sprinkle Of French-Fried Craklins On A Soft Potato Roll

Honeyglaze Chicken™ - $4.95
Fresh, plump breast of chicken, delicately seasoned, and cooked to crispy perfection. Dipped in our secret Honey glaze and served on a big ole fresh roll with pickled tomato, our famous Sweet Haven Slaw & your favorite side.

Owee! Cajun Steak™ - $4.95
Fresh juicy steak sliced thin and quickly sauteed in our own secret Cajun sauce. Served on a big ole fresh roll with pickled tomato, our famous Sweet Haven Slaw & your favorite side.

N'Orleans Chicken Po'Boy™ - $4.95
Fresh plump breast of chicken, delicately seasoned and cooked to crispy perfection. Served on a fresh seeded bun with our own N'Orleans Olive Salad, lettuce, Pacific Rimfire™ Hot Sauce, pickled tomato, our famous Sweet Haven Slaw & your favorite side.

Blackened Cajun Chicken™ - $4.95
Fresh plump breast of chicken, coated with our own secret blend of spices and herbs. Served on a fresh seeded bun with our famous pickled tomato, our famous Sweet Haven Slaw & your favorite side. Spicy (mild) or HOT!

Blackened Cajun Burger™ - $4.95
½ Pound of lean ground beef, coated with our own secret blend of spices and herbs. Served on a fresh seeded bun with our famous pickled tomato, our famous Sweet Haven Slaw, Fixins', & your favorite side.

Special Ribb™ Platter™ - $7.99
1 & ½ Pounds of Tender, Super Meaty, Apple & Hickory Smoked Ribbs Basted in our Own Hearty BBQ Sauce. Served With A Warm Biscuit, Cole Slaw, And Our Fresh~Cut Fries OR Baked Sweet Potato ~
The Absolute Best Ribs On The Planet!