Tennesee Red Glazed Drumsticks

This isn't really a recipe per se, but is one of my favorite grilled dishes. Blues Hog Tennesee Red Glazed grilled chicken drumsticks. I don't normally tout commercial products, but Blues Hog is produced by Bill Arnold, a long time denizen of one of my favorite BBQ mailing lists, and the sauce is phenominal!

Tennessee Red is thinner than most BBQ sauces, more akin to the vinegar & pepper based sauces of the western Carolinas, eastern Tennessee and northern Alabama, though it is a bit more robust. I literally buy the stuff by the gallon. Don't belive me? Here's a pic of the last jug I finished...

To prepare it, I first find another container of Tennessee Red! Luckily I had recently visited the Blues Hog Website and replenished my supply. That accomplished, I toss as many chicken drumsticks on the grill as I want.

Drumsticks go on the grill
Grill at medium to low heat.

They're starting to look good...
While the chicken is grilling, I fill one of those cheapie plastic 9 oz. cups about 2/3rds full of Tennesee Red. About 10 - 15 minutes before they are done, I grab the bone end of the drumsticks with a pair of tongs, and dip them in the sauce.


Let drain a few seconds
Then I put them back on the grill. Do this 2 or 3 more times, turning them each time and making sure they don't burn.

They smell as good as they look!
Dunk them one more time as you remove them to serve.

Just about done...
Provide lots of napkins, or even better, a hose...

Come and get it!

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