In order to play Sasha's Guest Sammy Match Game your browser must support the JavaScript Image object. Netscape 3.0 or higher or Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher should do the trick. Others may also work. This game is designed for two players. The object of the game is to match selected pictures of Sasha's previous guest sammies. You uncover the pictures by clicking on the buttons below the gray boxes.

How the game is played:

  1. Players alternate turns.
  2. An alert window will pop up saying which players turn it is. Player 1 goes first. The player must click the "OK" button on the alert window before taking his/her turn.
  3. Each turn consists of the following:
    1. The player uncovers two pictures.
    2. If the pictures match, an alert window will pop up announcing the match. After the "OK" button in the alert window is clicked, the players score will be incremented and the player uncovers two more pictures.
    3. If the pictures do not match, an alert window pops up announcing the next player's turn. After the "OK" button in the alert window is clicked, the non-matching pictures will automatically be covered up.
  4. When all the pictures have been matched, the game ends and an alert window will announce the winning player.

If you click the button below a picture that is matched, nothing will happen.

If at any time an alert window is covering up a picture or pictures and you need to see what is under the window, just drag the window to a new position by clicking and holding down on the window's title bar and moving the mouse.

If you want to play the game again just click the "New Game" button. This will scramble the pictures so they won't be in the same place, although they could be.

Sasha hopes you have fun playing her game.