Sasha's Scrambled Picture Puzzle Game

The object of Sasha's scrambled picture puzzle game is to unscramble the picture. The pictures are broken up into blocks that are displayed in a random order. You unscramble the picture by swapping blocks. Click on one block and then another and the blocks swap positions.

Just unscrambling the picture can be loads of fun but unscrambling the picture in the fewest number of moves can be even more fun. Sometimes individual blocks can look amazingly similar. Therefore to help you know whether or not you have actually unscrambled the picture there is a "Have I Won?" button which will tell you if you have unscrambled the picture and if not how many blocks are out of position.

If you unscramble the picture, you can send us a screen image showing the unscambled picture and the message you get when you click the "Have I Won?" button (similar to this, in jpeg format if possible) and we will display a list of the best unscramblers.

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